“Life, in its very natural form, sometimes so unpredictable, unfathomable, formless and even lifeless! All life’s feelings; happiness, excitement, Eye sores, violence, embarrassment and all other man’s feelings are nothing more than the way the subject and receiver perceive them. If only we interpreted everything differently – positively!”  – Me, January 7, 2022

Today, the church – the council of elders – would meet after service, to do justice to Pastor Festus’ matter. The indicted man, is the most handsome and also doubles as the friskiest of all the church clerics. Since he got to the local branch seven months ago, his energetic activities alone had magnetized the committed presence of everyone in the district. No one would risk missing his face and listening to his baritone voice as he humorously explains the wide difference between heaven and hell every Sunday, gesticulating hypnotically that people often cried at the fear of hell. What more could a Pastor pray for?
The mess that he now found himself started just last Sunday, and had now spread like wild fire amongst church members and across the neighborhood, although it started out as an open secret at first, no one had substantial proof – even if anyone did, nobody would risk spilling the beans on Pastor Festus’ ignobles, so none of the gossip carriers could validate the info.

His associate – Pastor Ben had decided to nail him, by confirming the originality of the rumor, of course this was not borne out of the genuine desire to make things right but rather out of the strong unhidden jealousy that had generated when Rev. Dr. Yakubu informed others that the new Pastor Festus would anchor all Sunday messages. The news had become validated finally and the whole world was watching to see the outcome. Pastor Ben had placed his camera phone running in the church lounge during last weeks’ service just before the end of the sermon that was once again powerfully delivered by Pastor Festus, and the video had recorded live sex scenes of Festus with two church women simultaneously just after his ministration – married women!

The shameful act was going to be decided today, and everyone could see the looming expulsion of the full time minister. Although in the eyes of some, the young pastor deserved forgiveness, he was still the best of them all, and it was his first time of erring, a few other members had very different reasons for hoping that the elders would be merciful; the women in question were married but they were both widows too, that was lighter in consideration, a good tool that should appeal to the mercy of the elders.

‘Shame! Nothing but shame!’ I’ve heard many of the church women whisper. It was indeed shame that a man with so much knowledge of the implications of good and evil would voluntarily do the latter. As a dull service went on, gazes strolled constantly at the sombre pastor, who was sitting alone – far away from everyone else. I saw him excusing himself to the gents and some minutes after, I felt pressed and headed for the gents too.

Strange sounds from the lounge stole my attention while I headed back to the church auditorium. I tossed the door to the lounge quietly – not only because it was the same centre where the trending act had been committed but because I feared what my heart predicted was going on behind the door. I necked in quietly to spare the sound producers the foreknowledge of my presence.
Bukola was inside, she couldn’t have perceived my presence, I noticed that her blouse had rumpled already as she moved jerkily over something that wasn’t clear at first. I was totally bewildered to see the same Pastor Festus shamelessly making love to her – Bukola was just thirteen, she appeared too happy to be in the act too.

Everyone in the church was regarding this man as a disgrace to the fold concerning last week’s act, but here was he, disregarding the conception of the people, unconcerned, unperturbed and regarding the same act as a thing of pride! I walked out quietly, almost sure that no one would ever hear about what I saw there, but the thought that was soon going to haunt me for days was going to bring me to just one conclusion. It’s all a matter of conception my dear. There is nothing really shameful in this world! Just like beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, every other feeling of man is just the interpretation we create in our hearts for it.

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