The Moment of Recovery

The Moment of Recovery

The journey has been so messy

And everything seems to be fallen out

As nature attest to the fact all is not well

Darkness engage a fist with light

In a broad day light


As conquest seems so afar a distance

It was a journey that destination is far

Far from the one that has it involve in stay

The stay seems so unbearable

So much anguish and pain like of the pain in the neck


Awaits the dawn for so long

And yet the dawn was never in sight

Foresight loosen as nature refuse to give yield

To all the request a failed proposal

Contract not awarded talkless been deliver


In all these all with hope resounding

That someday the moment of recovery will come

Even though not foreseen but strength comes in number

The heart is sick and lost in thought

Awaits the dawn as a ship taken to the slaughters house


The darkness is so obvious

As a tiny light of darkness reflects

Through a tiny line across the darkness

Everything seems fallen apart

With all humanly effort can contain the light to conquest


The issues kept complying

Everything racing to a dead end

Without no hope as the world watch in dismay

Of what will become the whole story?

When the curtain would have been drawn


The cock crow one morning

The sound was coming so silently

As that of the interlude of a music piece

And suddenly the curtain is drawn in twain

The dawn of a new thing the moment of recovery has come


The pain of yester years of yester-night

Pain has come and gone the night is far spent

Dawn has arrived and the moment of recovery

Has finally come everything is over

The moment of recovery

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