The one i love, i lost

She was born with life

Catered for with love

Happy to live

Made every one laugh

She was a brilliant child.

Beautifully and wonderfully made

I loved her much

This is my sister

She was sick and it was like a death sentence

Sickle cell was the punishment meted out

Innocent and beautifully, she lived on

Not knowing it could end any minute

It came on the fateful day, having her usual crisis

She bled uncontrollably and all I could do was watch

Not being able to do anything was painful

She was taken to the hospital and Alas!

She was gone

She was all that I had, all that I loved

I believe she is in a better place now

Not having to pay for what she knows nothing about

I miss her though I hope she sees me too!

I would give anything to see her

The one I loved, I lost!!!

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