Ochuko the Artist

Ochuko the Artist

Written by: Michael Jonathan Ochuko

Title: Ochuko the Artist

Episode 1

Sometimes life could be seen as a play, presenting its audience the drama of which themselves are the characters and also the audience.
How do I mean? We will come to that in the later part of the book.

There are times when the drama starts with joy and laughter, then the later part with sorrow, sadness and even tears.
So also it could be vice versa, that is begins on a sad note and ends on a joyous mood.

This could be properly explained in Relationships and how the the realities sets in.
Many relationships have suffered affliction, deceit, hatred, just to mention a few.
This in itself is a drama that they also are the character and the audience.
This simply means they played all the roles from the start of the drama to the later part and like it was said at the beginning, that the drama could be comedy-tragedy or tragic-comedy.

Let us look at the story of a young man whose vision was truncated due to Desire. This is a true life story, the names of characters are therefore withheld for privacy purpose.

Ochuko was looking at the ceiling which was partially covered with the remaining part displaying the timber that looks rather ramshackled and almost rotten with some activities of termites clearly visible at a glance
He looked around him and all he could see was dried bones and stains of blood and a little chair with ropes that were also stained with blood.
This doesn’t look like animal bones, he thought to himself. This are real human bones! As he tried to move to have a clearer view he Felt a sharp pain on his Left ankle. Ouch!! he cried out, the blood on his ankle had clotted and mixed with sands making thet wound more painful. He was trying to regain consciousness and recalled what had happened and how he got here, all of a sudden he heard some movements in the ceiling like a voice of a struggling cat.
He was feeling dizzy now, so he managed to drag himself to a wall for support, with every inches that he moved the sound from the ceiling would increase, making him more frightened than ever.

2 thoughts on “Ochuko the Artist” by MICHAEL JONATHAN (@Ochumik)

  1. namdi (@namdi)

    No need for the lecture notes you started with; you would have allowed the readers the opportunity to learn that much from the story. And the story had to manage the little space the ‘lecture’ had permitted–too short. Since this is a series, the first episode ought to arouse a reader’s interest; personally, I doubt this episode achieved that.

    Keep writing. Edit more too.

  2. MICHAEL JONATHAN (@Ochumik)

    Thanks for your soft words of encouragement.
    I will adjust accordingly, hope the title is not bad.

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