Episode One

2:30 p.m, tuesday and the expected call just came through. Being the last week of the month, Pastor Kay was coming into Uyo from Port Harcourt and that was good news. Here was another chance to hustle him, have fun and rake some cool dough in at the end of the week; a chance Valentine wouldn’t miss for anything in the world.
These dealings are not supposed to be expressly discussed over the phone, so whenever pastor’s PA, the burly Matt calls, painstakingly elucidating what the pastor’s visit to Uyo meant- as if he had not always been the contact man- and what he needed to do, Valentine usually felt a surge of anger course through him. He was not a numskull and hated being treated like one. He knew his schedules.
First, he had to book for accommodation in a hotel different from the one used the last time. Pastor Kay is a materialist. The accommodation had to be a first class suite. The two girls the pastor would spend thursday night with had been pre-arranged. Recently, it has not been as tough for Valentine to get girls for him as it used to be at the start. Pastor is always generous with his money and very suave with his fun; the university being a small community, these girls go back and spread the gossips.
“Valentine is a procurer for some rich and extravagant pastor with excellent bed skills. The pay is as good as the fun and ‘good-ol’ Val charges no commissions”, they would tell others. The result of this: fresh ones with swaying hips stalked him to lonely corners and begged for a chance- to be carried along- nowadays. For this particular racket, he choose to deal only with students of the prestigious University of Uyo. These ones are a wee more sophisticated than their Polytechnic and College of Education counterparts. They needed the dough alright, yet they knew how to spread the fun. The tingly-diggly type of fun that made Pastor Kay erupt into elongated bellows of laughter. The type that made him ask for more.

Then, he’ll have to call Nkasi, his lines-man from the Polytechnic, in Ikot Osurua and give directives. Nkasi will have pre-arranged between ten and fifteen students from the Polytechnic for the programme. They had to be different from the ones used the last time. Miracles need not be repeated. He will hire a bus and commute them to Angler’s Hotels, where they will be lodged- thursday night- against the friday morning trip to PH.

(to be contd)

15 thoughts on “THE MIRACLE PEDDLER [Episode I]” by Razon-Anny Justin (@PoetRazon)

  1. Lol…pastor indeed…
    Quite a good beginning…I haven’t met much Pastor Kays in my lifetime but there are sure a number of them who are ‘good at what they do’…lol, looking forward to the next episode..

    1. I pray the sequel will not let ground your expectations. Pastor’s are humans- they are as sincere or sinister as any non-pastor.
      Keep reading.; keep writing.

  2. Aminat (@Aminat)

    Pastor for days…. lol. Waiting patiently for the next episode
    Pls check out my stories at

    1. I’ll not disappoint your reading interest. I’ll read through your stories too. Thanks for reading; keep writing.

    1. Thanks. The story will come into itself. Expect a great unfolding in the sequel.
      Keepr Writing; Keep reading

  3. illest_vic (@vicktoh)

    Nice…drooling in anticipation of the next episode.

    1. You will not be disappointed. Thanks for reading. Keep writing!

  4. nicely written.
    Wish it was longer though….

    1. @kceeq thanks for reading me. I’ll elongate the next episode and the next. Keep writing and keep reading.

  5. namdi (@namdi)

    Nice start. It’s nice reading a story that was well edited, meaningful and without those annoying ‘big words’.

    Though this episode is a bit short.

    1. @namdi I’m happy it came out in a good form. It will be longer next time. Thanks for reading.
      Keep writing.

  6. @poetrazon
    Pastor ko, pastor ni, pastor in deed.
    *folds arms while waiting for episode 2*

    1. @dominique Let’s wait and see what comes out of this one.
      Thanks for reading

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