Journey Of The Crooked Path


In the southern ibid tale
There is tinder like flax
That neither leaves the hearth cold
Nor cooks the broth, as told.

The bamboo said “straight is the path”
So I sailed straight into your face
And was betrayed by smiles
That gleams and beckons to the flash

But seldom leads, from the hearth to your heart.

Your face is a mask of lies
If it can’t lead to your heart
Your heart is dark as art

With no glimmer of light from your face
To adorn the expanse of our hearts,
There must be a path- unknown.

So I followed the snake
As it snaked away from your face
Now i’ve found that your heart could blaze
When it is being trailed from the crook

That is far away from your face
But screwed into your buxom arse
There is light far away from beaming faces

Yet, tucked in the darkness of thick arses.

So, I followed the crooked back tunnel
That leads into your real heart.


©Poet Razon-Anny Justin

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