Echoes From The Past #4

Jane summoned the management board and ceded her position. She didn’t want to be probed because she quit after tying the knot. Mofe being the reason why she quit won’t help the situation, melodrama will only proceed. It’s only a matter of time before Dad is notified, hopefully he will give Tega the company.

“You came” Jane blurted out gobsmacked on seeing Max after dismissing the management board. It came out like a question, not a statement. She knew he’s avoiding her after her confession, who wouldn’t?

Max had done a good job avoiding anything that squeals Jane expect Tega. Though he’s upset with Jane, he couldn’t get her entangled in it. Omitting Jane from his endless excuse why he couldn’t be at Infinity wine seem appealing.

Her last words lingered in his subconscious. He did fight for her like any lover would, she just didn’t want him. He pleaded and bargained for her to return to him but she didn’t bulge.

Max ignored her, prepping for the meeting. Apparently, he’s obliterating her from his existence but responding to her messages doesn’t indicate it. He spoke to Jane with rhetorical questions. In times like this, he wished he could obtain a leave, Jane being guilty would grant him but Tega would need more than excuses to consent.

The meeting ended, the tense air between them worsened and Tega couldn’t help but inquire. None was willing to indulge her. It might be money or business related but nothing in her knowledge had made them speechless to each other. She thought. Not even when Mofe thwacks her to unconsciousness, it’s obviously something is needing urgent attention. There’s no Tega without Jane and Max but she soon realized it’s about time she stood on her own two feet.


“I could have you arraigned for barging in,” Max said calmly, with hands tucked in his pants leaning against the wall at the far end of the room. He was expecting her after feigning ignorance of her presence at Infinity wine and she had also trailed him when he left.

“Arraign me for barging into my home?” Jane responded, her voice slightly elevated.

“You lost your right to this home the day you chickened out and left” she chuckled.

“We’re not yet beyond it. Is it always going to be a thing?” He shrugs his shoulders.

“Words can’t be edited or forgotten. It’s only forgiven”

Jane apologized, he avoided her gaze. Apologizing doesn’t reverse the detriments neither does it avert the future. He kept mute hoping his silence would convince her to leave.

“It’s not everyday you both are parallel lines,” Clara said stepping in. Clara had seen Jane trailing Max when the meeting ended, she tagged along on instincts. Jane sighed deeply.

“What happened to you both?” Clara probed further sitting beside her.

“We should leave, Mofe doesn’t like waiting. We wouldn’t want to make the TV interviewers wait too” Jane said picking up her bag.

“Tega was probing earlier at work, she might be close to discovering the truth,” Clara told them, her eyes darting between them.

“Jane O’del should be worried about that, she hid the truth not me” Max intoned.

“Whatever you did to him, you have to reverse it.”

Clara words brought a smug to his face. She could exactly point out the reason for their silence but it’s probably Jane’s marriage. It’s enough reason to obliterate her from existence, she has to do the right thing before she loses it all.


“Who will handle Infinity wine?” Clara asked

“You’re paid to perform your duties within a throttle, don’t exceed it.” Tega retorted.

‘I might not be as good as Jane.’ Tega thought within herself. Dad ceded O’del telecommunication to me with so much enthusiasm he did with Jane but she disappointed him. I may not fit into her role perfectly. How do I jiggle both companies?

“What’s going on with Jane and Max?” Tega asked, her tone blank and husky.

“I’m paid to perform my duties within a throttle, I don’t want to exceed it” Tega snickered

“Your loyalty shouldn’t be probed Clara, you can easily be replaced”

Clara left without uttering a word. She had barely emerged from Tega’s office when she heard office gossip about Jane’s interview which was a disaster. They got to the interview late but she left early to respond to her new boss. From the gossips, Jane couldn’t answer any question directed at her.

Clara was now in her office, she was working when she got a bad feeling. Mofe will definitely be upset, she embarrassed him. She brought out her phone and dialed, Jane’s line didn’t connect. Mofe might have thwacked her again.

She hurriedly left for Jane’s. Her home was wrecked, there was nothing intact. Mofe evidently wretched everything in his path. She surveyed the house hoping to find Jane sprawled unconscious in a corner or beneath a wrecked item.

She found Jane sprawled in a corner unconscious. She waited for the person approaaching before seeking medical help. Dokun came into view.

“Dokun, why are you here?” Clara asked aghasted.

“I saw the interview and thought she was scared hence her lack of words. Mofe wrecked his home?” He asked surveying the wreckage. “Where’s Jane?” He quickly added.

“Thwacked and unconscious”

Dokun and Clara rushed her to the hospital.


“Max” Tega yelled entering the house.

“In here” Max responded somewhere in the house.

“Jane quit both companies,” She said approaching him. “Dad handed O’del’s telecommunication to me”

“I was just informed she ceded Infinity wine to both of us.” Tega’s expression was blank.

“I eavesdropped on your conservation with my mom. My curiosity got the better of me, why would my mom plead to you to fight for Jane all over again? If for nothing else but for her life. Will you fight for a married woman? Was there Max and Jane an item in the past? Why did you let her leave?”

“It had nothing to do with you”

“It’s been years but you still love her and you are supportive of her decisions.”

“Jane made her choice”

“How will you fight for Jane?” Tega barked. “She screwed up. I hope she’s never happy in her marriage”

Max’s phone rang, he listened intently on the phone. He hung up and headed for the door.

“She’s not stringing you along, get a life that doesn’t revolve around Jane!”

Tega made sure he left before stealthily trailing him.


Jane opened her eyes to see Max sitting at edge of the bed while Clara and Tega looked on. She rubbed her throbbing bandaged head. She looked around, she was in Clara’s house. They had a stern gaze on her, she felt uneasy.

“I didn’t die, quit staring”

“You are close to the white light” Clara retorted.

“She doesn’t need it Clara” he said calmly.

“Jane chose Mofe over you, stop fantasizing the past and accept reality. She’s getting married. Move on already, you can’t fight for her again, you can’t make her yours”

“Tega!” Max yelled.

“She’s right, stop being supportive. Her health is deteriorating, she might not survive the next few months. She’s pushing her family away to make her death less awful but it doesn’t. Living with Mofe is poisonous to her well being” Clara said briskly.

“I need to go home. Mofe needs me” Jane said standing up slowly. Clara insisted she was sedated and treated to prevented her running off without treatment when she gained consciousness. She was right.

“You need to rest, Mofe isn’t worried about you. Your health is more important”

“I want to go home” Jane said leaping towards the door.

“I will take to Mofe. I will take you home” Max said going after her.

Tega and Clara scoffed simultaneously.

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