Die In A Song, Live In A Poem



After he was held- and judged;
They set him ablaze. I watched
As the juice of his skin
Lost its valor to the heat.
I saw songs die on his lips
I saw hope hum a sorrowful dirge- in the fire.

After they had turned him to ash-
his bones was made chalk and
his dried blood re-hydrated into ink.

I strolled away, a smile tucked on my lips- a knowingness that…
though my body was turned to ash;
my poetry was stuck to earth.

Here is a new song- from
the embers of my burning soul.

I fly free.


He showed them wounds- akin to
Christ’s: on his face and arms.
Disbelieve clouded their sights.
No one wanted to believe that
A poet dead to their world could attain transmogrification;
That a string-less lyre could strum
A song so sweet- again.
So I waited till the day of ascension…
And while the stared into the skies;
I took hold of his cloak and lyre.
I have them here: the totems of Elijah.
No staff, but the broken harpsichord.
I’ll teach my children the lyric of the olden.
I’ll make it their heart-song.

They heard…
The dead flute had taken to wings- in flight
In the skies of minors- with kites
They hoped…
To exterminate his voice-
stuck in tune
When the caught hold of the urn
That held his sacred ash and chalk
Scattering his dust to the four winds
The birds heard the ashes sing
The birds learnt from the dust-
in the wind.
I play for them every morn-
A muse taught tweet
A dirge with the broken harpsichord
The tune of dying hummingbirds
A song for the interminable bard’s voice.

We shall sing free.


©Poet Razon-Anny Justin
“Die in a Song; Live in a Poem”,
Dec, 2015.

Photo-credit: blog.bodycandy.com

8 thoughts on “Die In A Song, Live In A Poem” by Razon-Anny Justin (@PoetRazon)

  1. The first two stanzas to me were clinical,the imageries were cutely represented,got my gazes flowing.You should have continued with the imagery throughout its whole.Nice one,keep it going.

    1. There is a reason flailing to fly in each- we are attracted to the feathers which colours we can identify with. I believe the first two flights fluffed the colours of in your mind. The third was a bird in whose wings your colours failed to fly. Thanks for reading me.

  2. @poetrazon I learnt some new words here I that I never knew existed. Good work.

    1. @dominique I’m delighted that some good could come from my muse. Thanks for reading me

  3. SamPaul (@SamPaul)

    Keep on writing.

    1. You too. Thanks for coming around

  4. This was nice and different. Like @dominique, i too learned a new word. :)
    I’ll probably need to read this severally to assimilate its depth properly though. ‘Cus the entirety of its meaning is still not flowing as i’d like it to in my mind. lol
    But i did enjoy the little I have grasped.
    Well done.

    1. it’s meaning shall reveal itslef gradually as you dig to unearth it’s essences. Thanks for reading and i’m delighted a new word was brought to your grasp. @kwiksie

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