BLeeding Loboutin -Part 6

When the lightening flashes
When the thunder crashes
Where do the little birds go?

Shell shocked doesn’t even cut it. I crawled out of bed and ran out on the freak show I found lying next to me. How did that happen?
Mama John gave me the stink eye when I went downstairs for my hot cup of coffee. I ignored her.
The coffee was so soothing, I poured out another. The loud bang in my head should subside before I get to work.

Even though mum who is supposed to be my backbone was no where to be seen, my Sequined bianca louboutin pumps gave me all the pomp and power I needed. I would definitely slay as smoothly as my pretty shoes.

I walked in 30 minutes before the scheduled time for the meeting and seized the opportunity to hold a tete a tête with the Servace Oil Board.

I could see each one of them sizing me up, deciding if they could be led by this little me.

My father taught me well. Dad says calm them down, get informal before getting formal and feed their weaknesses.

I ordered honeyed tea cakes round the room asked after barrister Diekolas son in France while we all dug in. I broke the ice, and the foodies and sentimental slowly warmed up to me.

All that changed immediately Patreco Inc came in. It felt like an hostile takeover and not a merger. Even their lawyer wouldn’t look me in the eye.

Wasn’t this man just feeling me up last Friday? I thought.

It took me a minute, but I eventually took back the reins.

I told them a subsidy removal might be having a back breaking effect on us at the moment, but we work constantly to ensure we maintain a leading client base. Our foreign clients are willing to pay our proposed price per barrel and we are focusing on them.

The merger was to give us a breather, we merely needed liquid funds to maintain our regular business flow.

I went on and on till mom walked in, accompanied by Diddy. When did they become best buds?

He had on loafers and his shirt wasn’t tucked. His blazer was the perfect blue. Navy. He was clean shaven.

I should be upset that he was crashing this crucial meeting with his starch stiffed shirt. Instead I was taking in details of every inch of him and getting sweaty in my thigh.

I paused for a minute and then asked the barrister to make some inputs.

I listened with rapt attention while Dokun Ade-Hanson spoke. He’s the slightly older, more mature and lesser good looking version of Diddy.
He was deliberating on our new name.

Patreco-Servace? Because they now own 51%? Or Servace-Patreco in honor of the deceased who put in all his life building a thriving multi million naira empire?

“Late Shola Oladokun” I chipped in. I wouldn’t let my fathers name be changed to “deceased”

“Yes. Thank you madam. Shola Oladokun was a great man who has left behind a legacy in this industry. We at Patreco wouldn’t mind the arrangement. We also know a complete name change would be additional paper work let alone rebranding and reintroductions. This is only a necessary formality that should be ticked off the agendas of this meeting” He said

Everyone nodded in agreement. We unanimously agreed on Servace-Patreco oil.

While discussing ideas on the logo design, I noticed I had licked two tiny packets of stevia. Having Diddy in the same room gave me so much discomfort. I was spending 50% of my thoughts trying not to think about him, so I nicely excused myself.

I went into daddys huge office, and walked into the kitchen. I leaned on the marble counter top and took a deep breath.
What am I doing in the kitchen? I should be in the toilet throwing up.

I took a gulp of mineral water. It was off. It wasn’t Voss. I put it back in the fridge.

“Simi. You here?” I heaved a huge sigh hearing Diddys voice call out. I quickly shook the teenage girl off and walked out in calculated strides.

“You.” It wasn’t supposed to be a statement but I didn’t know what to follow that with, so I stopped abruptly.

He was facing the literary section in dads shelf, his back turned at me. I found myself looking at his lopsided tush. They weren’t lopsided. I just needed to find faults.

“This is from the renaissance China.” He said, admiring daddy’s impressive table and walking towards me in the process.

Daddy’s gigantic table looks so beautiful and intimidating. I couldn’t believe I would be sitting at this table everyday henceforth. I looked at daddy’s framed portrait hanging just over the directors chair.
Old man smiled reassuringly at me. All would be well.

” what are you doing here?” I asked. I sounded a bit too harsh. I almost said sorry but then remembered mum says Kings are never sorry.

“Hey you. Just wanted to check up on you” he smiled. That devilish smile.

“I’m fine” I stated, dusting nothing off my skirt, and walking towards the door.

“You sure? You seemed a little out of sorts out there. Completely unlike you” he winked as if there were some inside joke we shared.

“Unlike me?” What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You know, loolapahlooza! Seize the day!” He accompanied his foolishness with funny gestures. Am I supposed to get the joke?
He paused. Searching at my blank stare, he gasped

“You don’t remember a thing! O.M.G!”

I sensed the laughter about to erupt before he burst out. I walked out on him, and went back to the board room completely riled up, and wondering what happened last night. And why is proximity to Diddy making me sweat in funny places?

If I lacked composure earlier, I was even worse off on getting back. Thankfully, the meeting had come to a close.

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