Tell Me About Yourself

images (8)“So, tell me about yourself.”

He gives me this instruction flippantly.
But he doesn’t seek a serious response apparently.
Since we began conversing, I’d identified his real interest;
One that his eyes declared before his lips formed a sentence.
It really wasn’t difficult, he made it plain as day
And although my face kept his attention for a bit,
Clearly my chest held more sway.
The three layers of clothing I’d hoped would be my shield
Had failed at the job that was supposed to be in their field.
Rendering my precautionary steps pointless
Because with minds like his,
Even if I wore a steel armor, I’d still be undressed.

But he asked a question, and I digress.
I wonder what answer would be easiest for him to process…

Shall I tell him the bad, do I exaggerate the good?
Will it matter to him that at the moment my 3 little ones have had no food?
Do I go into details, or would he want plain facts?
I have been diagnosed with diabetes –
How about we talk on that?
I’m working to pay my fees at school,
To my last two exes I was a tool.
My father abandoned us when I was nine.
So yeah, I used to steal at the time.
I’ve had to raise my siblings cus y’know,
Mom’s got drinking problems – and keeps falling for jerks like you.
I struggled with depression in my teens because
It was unlikely that anyone could resist hating all that I was.
My body has always gotten me in trouble.
In fact, my last boss fired me and said I’d do better at a brothel.
I used to smile more when I was little.
I did that for a few more years –
But pretending life is good became too difficult
So I grew content with drowning in my tears.
I have a good voice, but I never sing.
Someone wanted to marry me once,
But my best friend stole the ring.
I’ve got a million questions about life, eternity, and Jesus.
I really love my family and want to know if He would actually save us!
I need a break soon because I can feel myself slipping.
I’d call out for help one more time, but I’ve lost my voice asking.

But then, he doesn’t REALLY want to know this girl.
So I pull up my camisole real high and shrug.

“There’s nothing to tell.”

46 thoughts on “Tell Me About Yourself” by Kwiksie (@kwiksie)

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    Just ‘cus it’s been awhile and this is the only way I know reunions work on NS. ;)
    Hehe, hi guys.

  2. I love it. The use of ‘stream of consciousness ‘is applaudable

    1. I am glad it has sent your stream of kind words my way. :D
      Thanks for reading and commenting! @eminefoh

  3. Nice, really nice @kwiksie
    Enjoyed it all through.

    1. Thank goodness you did.
      Thank you for reading and commenting! @dominique

  4. @kwiksie Hi, it’s been a while.
    i heard your call from afar,
    the voice, from a far
    away land, a place
    called home.
    i see some names you mentioned
    and rue days gone by
    times and seasons have passed
    and i smile.
    nice post, it is funny how people can ask a seemingly insightful question but for a totally selfish reason

    1. @topazo
      Great to see you too Topazo! :D
      Plenty seasons have passed oh…I’ve missed this place.

      Your last two lines summarize the crux of the entire piece.
      Thank you for answering my call. ;)

  5. Its really been a while, wonder what’s happening here now.
    You’re right, reunion by the @names. Lemmme call more people for you.
    @olajumoke, @imaniking, @aminat, @ praise, @folakemi, @shovey, @raykeeyah, @namdi, @kevweodogun,

    1. @ameenaedrees
      I know right. Everyone’s getting busier…i’d hate if NS became only a memory.
      Lol. I trust you. Thank you for accepting my invite and inviting others. Hope you’re well. :)

    2. imaniking (@imaniking)

      Hi @ameenaedrees you called and I appeared. Now I’ll continue from where I stopped…with your story that is. :)

      1. @imaniking tnx for answering, do continue hope to see your comments soon.

  6. screamingviola (@screamingviola)

    @kwiksie Nice, really nice. I don’t usually click on poetry works in ns cuz i find them a bit boring.. So i would have probably missed this if you didn’t tag me.. This is exceptional poetry.. I’m glad i read it.. As usual you’ve gat that jesus thing going on.. You really can’t help yourself.. But it’s cool, i like the fact that you’re so vocal about your faith.. In fact that’s what i admire most about yr writing. I really hope that i can scream jesus in my writing. the way you do with yours.

    1. @screamingviola
      About being unable to help myself…i plead guilty on all counts. Hehe
      I’m so pleased this was worth your while though, and that you are more attracted than repelled by my ‘screaming’. ;)
      As for you, lol it’s in your name fam. I’ll bet one of these days you’ll be the one explaining why you can’t help it either. :D
      Thank you so much for stopping by.

  7. Pure beauty – I like how I could feel the life in the words – the rhyming, the rhythm – so on point.

    It felt easy to read and that”s another big plus. like Prose hiding in the suits of Poetry.

    I wish I could say this part was not perfect so you’d find something to work on – but on this piece, i can find no such thing -maybe someone will help with that or you can write another piece. iLike

    1. @dees-hive
      “…like Prose hiding in the suits of Poetry.”
      My intentions exactly! It’s so cool that you get.

      Nothing to work on ke? Alright then, I’ll just have to keep writing till you have loads to correct, lol.
      Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  8. Aminu Temitope (@AminuTemitope1)

    Anachronistic conundrums here and there. Not a poetry guy anyway but still reads fine

    1. oh wow, big grammar. >_< lol.
      Okay, @aminutemitope1. Thank you for stopping by, I’m really glad it was a fine read for you. And thanks very much for helping me learn one new word. Hehe
      But still, would you please break it down? I’m not entirely sure what meaning I’m to derive from that or what ‘chronological inconsistencies’ were spotted. :D

  9. ojestar (@ojestar)

    A very beautiful piece. Sometimes I wish I could write poetically to tell a profound story like this.

    @kwiksie Thumbs up!

    1. So generous with the compliments… ^_^
      Thanks so much @ojestar. I appreciate you reading and commenting.

  10. imaniking (@imaniking)

    @kwiksie thank you for that lovely wake up call. I literally watched the scene unfold. Been a while I tell you. But i’m good. So much to read here and catch up on. How are you?

    1. I’m great (esp. since this reunion is going so well, lol). Thanks so much for stopping by.
      Have fun catching up too. :)

  11. “cause it’s been awhile,
    I threw away my file
    and took a walk,
    with your work and talk.

    I’m enjoying the rhythm,
    like @kwiksie ‘s reality hymn
    in a fashion beautifully crafted
    and not just hinted.

    It’s beautiful
    and not just fanciful,
    bespeaking of truth,
    not so uncouth.

    It’s not a caveat
    but a feat
    worth celebrating
    with my good friend;

    @kwiksie who has gone
    awol but now is found
    among the litany of poets
    and writers in naijastories’s hall of fame.

    I love the bilious emotion
    that’s triggering my passion
    to extend my poetic hand
    in applauding her….

    Thanks for calling,
    maybe it’s time am coming
    back home here
    and not wasting “there”

    1. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

      @innoalifa. Dude! Wassup!

      1. @omoniyi-adeshola, am good. It’s been ages, hope you’re swimming in the ocean of liveliness?

    2. Hiahn. The great! I was almost too intimidated to respond to this your comment oh. :D
      It’s good to have you back as well @innoalifa .
      Thanks so much for taking this walk with me.

      1. OMG!!! Intimidated ke? forget it @kwiksie :) :) I had no option than to answer the call from a special one. What’s been happening?

        1. Lol. Sure.
          School’s been happening.
          But I’m great. Ttyl

  12. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

    @kwiksie Hey you! Longest time. How’s all? 😁

    So, about the poem. It’s a good one. I especially like how you place fast and loose with the rhyming. I like that spontaneity.

    It’s a convincing and touching tale you told. And it feels somewhat autobiographic. Maybe I’m wrong, tho.

    Good stuff!

    Still, it’s quite clear you’re more a prose person.

    Keep writing… And to be perfectly honest, bring back the real Kwiksie

    1. Hehe @omoniyi-adeshola I’m well. it’s not autobiographic at all oh. :D

      But i’m glad it’s that convincing. Thank you.

      I’ll keep writing.
      P.s: there are sha no fake Kwiksies. :p Some of her poems read like prose, some of her prose rhyme from start to finish.
      I’m glad you stopped by.

  13. Did I miss the reunion?
    It has been ages.
    Thanks for tagging me @ameenaedrees (we need to chat soon, actually). Thanks for writing from the soul @kwiksie. I’m no expert when it comes to poetry but I like this. Keep doing your thing.

    1. That last line did it for me. So much pain packed in it, yet hidden.
      Good work. Forgive the typo above, I meant ‘writing from the heart.’

      1. :) The typo and the correction both work.

        Thanks so much for joining us @olajumoke. And I love that you like the last line as much as I do.

        I’m glad you stopped by!

  14. SamPaul (@SamPaul)

    What a nice poem.

    1. Thanks @sampaul. :)
      I’m glad you stopped by to read and comment.

  15. Its been a frigging while!

    And I need to make a come back.
    I knew the hiatus would happen the moment some shitty things happened at my workplace keeping me too distracted to get back on.
    Now I gotta get back.

    I gotta get back…I’ve missed NS…missed all my friends on here

    1. …and we, you. :D @afronuts

      Hurry back. We’re waiting.

  16. Good story, @kwiksie. Definitely worthy of being an Editor’s Pick.

    Thanks for bringing me back. :)

    1. Thanks so much for showing up Tola @TolaO.
      Good to have you back. :)

  17. ” … And although my face kept his attention for a bit,
    Clearly my chest held more sway.”

    *smh* Reality 101. At least she noticed and didn’t waste her time answering his yeye question. She’s been through a lot. Abeg, she needs to pull that camisole higher. ;-)

    But then with men like Mr. Wandering Eyes, it makes no difference.

    @kwiksie I enjoyed this.

    1. Asin ehn, you gerrit.
      She fit turn the camisole to turtleneck even. lol

      Thank you for reading and commenting! :D

  18. @kwiksie , it’s been eons, luv. Beautiful write-up, as usual. I’ve gotta get back to NS tho, so many new faces, so much activity…but, school.

    1. @six! I’ve missed thee!
      School ba? You’re not the only one jare. When I graduate (June 24th), I’m going to disturb all of you till you’re active for at least 1 week straight. Ah ahn. We can’t split like this. :(
      Thanks for showing up and complimenting!

      1. Lol, graduate sharp sharp @kwiksie

  19. lasisi ojo samuel (@Ojo3455)

    it’s good

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