Take it from me

Take it from me

When the world tells you, hop

When the world tells you, crawl

When the world tells you, sip

When the world tells you, all is well

Fly, Run, Immerse, and be Realistic.

8 thoughts on “Take it from me” by Eminefoh (@Eminefoh)

  1. adeosun adams (@Mezzyadamz)

    Short and concise. But the poetic elements are missing. Well done though

  2. Noted. I think the short poem is rythmic and has sustained repetition. Besides the structure of the poem in itself is germane to the perception of the world. You see the world is simply put it simple, it is only made difficult by it inhabitants. I wrote the way life should be seen, simple.

  3. Jimoh Babatunde Ibrahim (@jimbrah)

    its short,cool and concise.the message is powerful.but the imagery is not well outlined

  4. The shortest poem I have read. The message was gotten but it could have been palatable in few more lines.

  5. SamPaul (@SamPaul)

    well done

  6. Maggie Smart (@MaggieSmart)

    Short and to the point.

  7. I love the last two words in the last line. “…be realistic.” It pars with the world’s perspective that “…all is well…” while in reality, it is not. Calling us to the reality of life situations is a noble thing for a poe[m] t to do. Thanks for writing this. Words must be very precious to you- that indeed they weren’t wasted here. Keep penning!

  8. You saw right @Razon. The last line pairs with all the words in from 1 to 4. Thanks for seeing what intended to pass across. Poetry is beyond afixation of words but the injection of the heart to writing.

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