Later that same day, Nancy had gone to the clinic to get a doctors’ report about her maternity status, and the result came out positive, that she was actually with child. Apparently, it was the same doctor who had aborted for her on three several occasions that also conducted the pregnancy test. However, he didn’t hesitate to re-affirmed his earlier advice to her not to have another abortion done, otherwise, she may as well lose her life. And two wrongs does not make a right, so, it’s either she keep the pregnancy, or she keeps the pregnancy. It was a one-way traffic. A harsh decision which must be taken, since she was still a student in her second year in the university, and considering the magnitude of embarrassment that it would bring upon her, especially amongst her classmates, loved ones and family members. Her reputation was bound to be tarnished, but there was nothing she could do, as the deed had already been done. Except of course, she wanna take the risk of exterminating the unborn child, and being prepared for the aftermath. Perhaps, she may not wanna consider doing that, while the person who got her pregnant would be made to go scott free, and probably get another lady pregnant, while she ceases to exist.

These thoughts kept running through Nancy’s mind, as she concluded to keep the baby, irrespective of what people would say, and regardless of the damage that it would render on her image.

Nancy went back home and locked herself indoor, as she soaked her bed in tears, she kept pondering about her future and how she had deliberately brought doom upon herself. High points of her worries was how she’d be able to combine pregnance and her education together, and perhaps, her Aunt’s husband may insist that she drop out from school when he eventually finds out. This would definitely thwart her dream of becomming a diplomat in the nearest future. She also thought about how her siblings at home, and most especially her mom would embrace the shocking news of her daughter being pregnant out of wedlock.

At a point, she felt her entire world was about to crumble before her very eyes. Tons of regrets started tripping into her head. She regretted the day she met Nosa, to the day she gave him her virginity, to the day he literally went down on his knees begging her to have her first abortion, and finally to all the times she foolishly allowed him to have his way through with her simply because she didn’t wanna lose his love, and being known as the girlfriend to the biggest boy on campus. Alas! She realized that there was no point crying over spilled milk, hence, she braced herself up to break the news to her boyfriend.

Nancy stood up, wiped away her tears and proceeded to leave the house. Immediately she locked the door to her room, her Aunt stepped into the sitting room, and saw her.

“Nancy, why have you not eaten your food?” Mrs. Osadolor said.

“Hmmm… I’m not hungry ma.” Nancy replied.

“…then, don’t you have any lecture this afternoon?” She enquired again.

“No, the lecturer administring the course travelled, so the class won’t hold.” Nancy lied while trying to conceal her face from her aunt.

“So where are you off to?” Her aunt further asked.

“I want to see my friend, Jennifer, at the hostel, I’ll be back much later to eat my food.” Nancy blurted and left the house almost immediately.

Mrs. Osadolor was a bit skeptic about everything she said, as she could notice that her eyes were bugged out and reddish, she knew something was wrong somewhere, but she could barely place her hands on it.

About twenty minutes later, Nancy arrived at Nosa’s residence but his entrance door was shut down which signified that he wasn’t at home, she brought out her own spare key from her handbag, ignited the door open and stepped inside the room. She then put a call through to Nosa and asked him to return home as quickly as possible.

Nosa came back as soon as he could and met Nancy lying helplessly on the bed with her hair sprawled awkwardly, she looked really worried. Nosa walked closer to her and kissed her on the forehead. Nancy sat upright, brought out the pregnancy test result, and handed it over to him. Nosa scanned through the result while his heartbeat increased rapidly, and his eyeballs shooted out in disbelief as he discovered that the test result came out positive. For a moment, he became speechless, only one thought crossed through his mind; ‘ANOTHER ABORTION’ but he was too scared to speak.

“What do you suggest we do now?” He finally spoke.

“I’m keeping the child.” Nancy affirmed.

“You’re doing what?!, you know I’m not ready to be a father right now..” He fired slightly raising his voice.

“So am I. I’m not ready to be a mom either. At the same time, I can’t afford to lose my life.” Nancy retorted……..

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