A hatchet, a pen, and a locket – Episode 4


Episode 4: Ik is back

He ran out of the hut, ‘nna Anyi, nna Anyi! where are you?’, he shoted, calling out for the old man.
‘I am where you left me’, the old man said approaching from the back of the hut.

Ik heaved a sigh of relieve.

‘I do not understand what just happened but take the locket you asked me to go find’, handing the locket over to him.

‘You’re the fastest I’ve ever had, within three days you were able to unlock your destiny. You are indeed special as the gods said.
The locket was just the paddle to kick start and end the journey through time and the appearance of Akunne was the constant that kept you anchored so that you don’t loose your mind in either the past or the future’, he said. He continued, ‘you’ve experienced the past and the future, you’re the one to bring salvation to this community. Many lives depend on you making the right choices continuously, and I for one believe you can take us there. Real evil is coming to this town, and you must be ready to help defend it in any capacity you can’.

All through the speech Ik just looked confused. ‘Nna Anyi I do not understand you but I plead that I leave for my home now, my mother must be very worried now as I have overstayed’, Ik pleaded.

The old man obliged, blessed him, and let him go.

‘Mma! Mma! I’m back. I know I took too long, I’m sorry, you won’t imagine what just happened’, Ik was speaking on top of his voice as he approached his mothers hut.

His mother on hearing his voice ran out shouting, ‘nwa mu o’. ‘where have you been for the past three days’, she tearfully asked.

Ik noticed she was putting on black and that so many people followed her out of the house, he wondered if they had already done a wake keeping ceremony on his supposed three days absence.

‘Did you say three days mma’, he asked his mother with a face depicting bewilderment. ‘I have only been gone for 20 minute, and besides don’t you think three days is too soon to declare a missing person dead’, he added.

His mother cried and cried and began shouting on top of her voice saying that her enemies want to destroy her family. She was taken away by friends and well wishers who were around to console her.

They explained to Ik that he’s been missing for three days, his father called for a village wide hunt for him after he wasn’t back after an hour and on the second day of the hunt was mauled to death by a wild animal in the forest.

Ik couldn’t believe his ears. Could they be lying, was that the reason his mom was in black, is it the reason they’re all here, it couldn’t be, his father couldn’t die without any signs, this and many more thoughts crossed his young mind and soon his heart began to betray him and the tears poured freely.

His father wouldn’t have died if he hadn’t gone to the hut of that old man. The old man has just plunged a hatchet into his heart and that of his dear mother.

At least now he knows the people here weren’t consoling her for his disappearance but his father’s permanent-disappearance.

Amongst the guests he caught sight of there was Akunne with her mother. He was tempted to ask her to show he old man to him but felt she too was just a pawn in his game.

‘The old man said evil was coming to Nnedioramma, but I say evil is already here and it is the old man in the hut in the forest and I must get rid of him’, said Ik to himself with tears strolling down his cheeks

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    suspense filled! had to search for d 1st episode so as to avoid being lost.
    enjoying it….

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    Thanks for catching up @nneoma13 , I do hope you continue following, and dropping comments.

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