A Hatchet, a Pen, and a Locket (Finale/Episode 7: Correcting the sins)

Episode 7: Correcting the sins

Continuing with his explanation he said that the Mama Arinze they know, is a consciousness of herself from the future, she believes Ik is the reason her son, Arinze didn’t turn out successful and she came back to take care of Ik, stating that IK has seen a bit of his own side of that future and how successful he becomes.

Ik felt pity for Arinze, who doesn’t know the length his mother is going to secure his future and tries to reason the old man on an easy way to go about this.

The old man declines, telling Ik that Mama Arinze kills Chikwado, and that she’ll go to any length to achieve what she wants to, that witches do not back down easily.

Ik weeps on hearing that Chikwado is dead, and changes on his earlier resolve to go easy on her.

He’s just understanding how far people will go to acheive what they wanted.

They plan on how to take care of her matter once and for all.

Rumours began to circulate in town concerning Chikwado who has been missing for 3days now. Arinze comes home from the stream and in the sitting room, discovers a blood stained knife wrapped in the cloth that Chikwado wore the last time he saw him which was when he fought with Ik because of him layed on the table.

He was frightened.

His mother resurfaced from the kitchen immediately, and reprimanded him for opening what she had kept wrapped up.
He was shocked and left the house immediately.

No sooner had he left, Ik and the old man came in. They both caught her off guard as she was expecting to see Arinze who had the habit to return home as soon as he left angrily, this was his customary action whenever he disagreed with his mother’s practise of witchcraft.

She taunted Ik with graphic descriptions of how she conjured a boa to kill his father and how she plunged a knife into Chikwado’s heart and now should kill him too.

Nobody was getting in between the destiny which she had planned for her son. All the scheming, killing and witchcraft was so he could have a great future as against the one in which she arrived from.

Nonetheless, she wasn’t going down without a fight.

She challenged the old man to come get her, taunting him for been a weak protector of their land.

Ik cut her taunting words short, saying, “I’ll avenge my father’s death by killing you”. He then charges towards her trying to strike her with the same knife she used on Chikwado which layed bare on the table.

She easily threw Ik to the floor with the wave of her hand, and head dive to the old man.

hatchen pen locket
hatchen pen locket

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