Echoes From The Past #2

Echoes from the past #2

Jane opened her eyes slowly. She looked around, she’s in the hospital. ‘The call connected before he smashed my phone’ She muttered. She tried to sit up but the pains all over her just won’t ease up, she moved her hand carefully as not to disrupt the attached iv on her arm.

Clara is screaming her head off just outside the room. Only two things can make her so infuriated: she didn’t get the food she ordered or she found me unconscious again. Someone has to pacify her, there are other patients and she’s disrupting the tranquility.

“Stop flailing him, you should give him a chance to defend himself, it’s a fair country,” Jane said loudly attracting Clara’s attention. Clara, Tega, and Dr. Kiki entered, scowling and pouting with evil glares, she shouldn’t have said anything.

“Every week you’re brought in bruised, battered and seldom unconscious. Is that your definition of being in love and happiness?” Clara asked sarcastically.

“I enjoy chatting with new random patients, not regular bashed insolent patients,” Dr Kiki said checking her vitals. Tega sat at the edge of her bed before speaking.

“Mom fought for love, Mena fought for his life, Jane is fighting for an illusion which will cost her life. I won’t take it besides he’s unfaithful”

“It was a slight argument, he didn’t mean to hit me. I pushed him too far” Jane said defending Mofe.

“He hits you at will, without a reason or purpose and you’re defending him? He put you in here every week Jane! He’s only after your money!” Clara rebuffed her.

“Miss O’del” Jane said corrected.

“I forgot! my bad, thanks for the reminder Miss O’del. I presume you’ll be at the fundraising tonight, you’ve been assigned the third speech of the event” Clara her PA said coldly and left. Dr. Kiki sat on a chair writing a prescription for her.

“Mena called, I told him” Tega started. “I won’t give you my usual speech of Mofe not being right for you” Jane sighed in relief. She didn’t want to niggle words with Tega.

“I’m tired of seeing you bruised, broken and wounded. You’ve lost your smile and you don’t even know it.” Tega paused and smiled but it didn’t glitter in her eyes. “It’s not only your smile you lost, you lost your family in pursuit of him. You abandoned your family, you’re no better than her. Mom abandoned her family so did you, she broke her promise you did also. You’re so close…so close to losing your Tega. I’ll leave before Mofe convinces you to leave forever” Tega was about leaving when Jane spoke.

“You’ll be at the investors forum next week, you also need to assist Max with the investors who are in town” Dr. Kiki chinked.

“Have a heart Jane O’del! You’re not concerned with her words, it’s work you’re concerned about? What has he done to you!” Dr. Kiki interjected.

“You lost the right to seek favors from me”

“I’m ordering you Tega!” Jane said sternly.

“We have equal shares at Infinity wine, you can’t order me” with that Tega left.

“Stop pushing them away, you know they are right”

“Is it wrong to believe, to hope, to trust in love that Mofe will change? He will do better”

“He’s transforming you not the other way around. He believes so much in African theory for women but you don’t, it’s only time that’s required to transform you into an African woman”

“What’s the update on my health?” She asked changing the topic. She wasn’t expecting a drastic miracle, but only a ray of hope to believe, to keep on living.

“Your health is declivity.”

“In plain words Kiki,” She reprehended.

“Hemorrhage; if it doesn’t stop within seventy-two hours, surgery is required. It’s not the best option but it’s the only option”

“Only option?” Jane intoned.

“Your system is slowly shutting down Jane. He thwacks you reiteratedly before you recuperate wholly, the consequences is conspicuously glaring. If the hemorrhage doesn’t stop you’ll require surgery, the odds are stacked against you” Jane looked at her bruised body, before speaking.

“What if it stops?”

“It doesn’t change much, after years of domestic violence and sexual abuse, chances are Mofe won’t change. At least not now probably when the trumpet sound” she told Jane which earned her a stern look.

“What if the hemorrhage stops?” Jane asked solicitously.

“The damage has been done. Your health is still delicate. It’s not wrong to believe, hope or trust but at this point, we urgently need a miracle” She stood up and snuggled with Jane on the bed.

“You can’t continue to make everyone believe Jane O’del is happy, it’s an illusional surreal. The power couple Mofe and Jane is a scam, it’s a picture painted perfectly for the media and public. You won’t be able to deceive the media much longer.”

“I can’t stop Kiki, that’s the only way they won’t pry into my personal life or get caught up in a controversy,” She said holding her close.

“You lost your child….the fifth child in four years.” Dr. Kiki waited for a reaction but got none. No words, no frights, no tears, only silence.


“Mom, I’m not a little girl anymore stop pampering me,” Jane said adjusting on the comfy bed.

“I know I shouldn’t have allowed your father give you O’del broadcasting channel”

“It’s O’del’s telecommunication!” Mrs. O’del snorted.

“It doesn’t change anything. You need more time for yourself, you’re not a robot even robots break down. You’re pale…” Jane interrupted her, she didn’t want to have the conservation

“You said it yourself, I need more time to myself. There will be tonnes of piled up work waiting for me at the office I need to rest” she said feigning a yearn and sleepy eyes.

“Why are you still with Mofe?” Jane sighed, her mom isn’t giving up. She might as well answer her questions for closure on it.

“He’s my fiance, I didn’t give myself this big rock on my finger,” she said pointing to the ring on her finger.

“Max loves you” Mrs. O’del said looking into her eyes. Three simple words, a perfect reflection of my fantasy. I don’t know if my silence betrayed me but I certainly wasn’t ready to reminisce my detriments.

The deafening silence lingered long enough for her to move on.

“Do you love Mofe?”


Jeez! Why won’t you just leave already?! After years of avoiding this conversation, it’s still hovering, haunting and staring at me straight between the eye. Why is that question so important? We have been together for more than a decade, there’s a ring to seal the deal, it must be love right! It’s not as if he doesn’t gosh about me to his friends.

“Jane, do you love Mofe?” Her mother’s voice pierced through her thoughts.

“I don’t know,” she said looking away.

“Half your life of being with Mofe, half your life you gave to him and your siblings, you don’t know if you love him or not. Don’t you know if you want a life with him? Is this how you want to mete out punishment on me? Is this my punishment for neglecting my kids?” Mrs. O’del tried to swallow her sobs but couldn’t, Jane tried not to be affected.

“If I didn’t love Mofe I wouldn’t be engaged to him”

“I know I shouldn’t have left any of you, I shouldn’t have neglected the three of you but I was immature and selfish. I didn’t want to be the woman that gave up on her marriage, I fought so hard yet I lost him. We divorced secretly, we didn’t want to drag any of you into a messy situation or custody battle. I didn’t know how to face my kids hence I didn’t return when your father did. We eventually worked it out that’s why I came back” she said amidst sobs, Jane was stunned.

“You divorced dad? Why are you just telling me?”

“I don’t want you to make the same mistake I made” Jane urged her to go on with her eyes. She wiped her tears, took a deep breath, held her hand before speaking.

“What am about to say might not help you but you need to hear it. At times it’s good to fight, other times you just have to walk away” Max entered the room, that was her clue to leave. Mrs. O’del left.

“You left my investors?” Jane said with a mock stern expression.

“You’re worth more than any investor and their gross income together,” He said sitting beside her on the bed.


“I know we can’t be more than friends because of that jerk but it doesn’t change how I feel about you. I love you Jane”

“We’re just friends…stop calling him names” Max planted a kiss on her temple before walking over to the window and gaze at the transquil view.


Dokun walked into his friend’s house, he couldn’t quite call it a home though they’re engaged because of how unbearable he makes it. He has everything a man wants; a beautiful, intelligent, smart fiancee, money, a place in society, a peaceful house yet he heckles everything in a skirt.

Having good looks, physique, and charming personality don’t make him a man. With all these he’s a raging beast who bashes his woman for the dumbest excuse. Jane just won’t file restricting orders against him or leave him.

“Where’s my crushed friend?” Dokun asked on seeing Mofe by the mini bar drinking.

“I’m alright thanks for asking”

“I don’t care about you. You beat up your fiancee for the slightest flimsy excuse, I doubt her father will let you marry his daughter”

“There’s a reason behind every action Dokun,” Mofe said draining the content of his glass and poured another.

“Indulge me Mofe. What’s the reason a man will bash his woman to the state of unconsciousness every day?”

“She left home for two weeks, no word from her, no calls, nothing. She came back we had an argument, she slipped and fell” Mofe said in self-defense.

“Tell those lies to someone else. I know Jane, she would never do any of those things you accuse her of. Though being wealthy, she gave herself to you completely. She loves respect and adores you” Mofe scoffed, he emptied the bottle and took another.

“African theory of women is fast fading away, women don’t have to be an idol at home, take care of the home and bear children. The economy is horrible, women can’t be ideal” Dokun said adjusting his weight onto his other leg.

“That’s my problem with you,” he said pointing at him with a smile.

“My problem with you is that you’re living with a wounded and broken woman still, you inflict more pain”

“If you’re so concerned, you could marry her. Jane is at her parents” he turned to leave but glanced at him briefly.

“Soon you will have yourself to blame for mistreating Jane, I hope you end up alone,” Dokun said at the door.


“Jane we need to talk” Mofe blurted out. Jane had barely settled in, she had just returned from her parents. Mofe could, at least, wait till dawn but he seems he wants to get it off his chest. She didn’t want to argue, she nodded and sat.

“Let’s get married,” He said without any enthusiasm.

Jane dismissed fantasies of the perfect proposal she’d envisioned as a teen. He didn’t propose, he ordered her to buy a huge diamond ring. She didn’t expect anything less, perhaps the time is right to tie the knot.

What about his side attraction? Why the sudden interest in tying the knot? Why do I feel anxious?

“You’ll resign from the two companies. You’ll fulfill your duties as a housewife” I snapped out of my reminiscing at the sound of his voice but lost my voice. Shock evident on my face.

‘It’s only a matter of time before he transforms you into an African woman’ Dr. Kiki’s words echoed in her subconscious.

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