Dreams come true

After all the rigorous clearance from the admin-board, I was finally freed of the excruciating boredom attached to its submission. I retired to class with enough gladness that could brighten the day. Sitting all exhausted, with my head in between my thighs. I perceived an Angelic movement, Yes! I wasn’t hallucinating it was true after all. The beauty she conveyed could make satan denounce his ownership of the world just to be with her; even the earth could make an irregular turn on its axis just for her. Was it her smile? It could make the sea leap and laugh ecstatically; the eye balls are like that of a drop of condensed chocolate on an ocean of milk. And what kills me about her is her shiny set of teeth that could make a blind man blind. Only her walk steps caused a stampede in the class room. She is an embodiment of ‘allure’.
Just like a dream come true, we had made plans for a white wedding. My friends called me the luckiest person on earth, even neighbours were not left out in the remarks. And to tell the truth, I was truly the happiest man there is to have ever lived the face of the earth. Not for any other thing; I was marrying the most beautiful lady to have ever been manufactured by God. Our wedding was glamorous everyone sitted in the reception hall gravely envied us. We were pronounced the most winsome couple in the entire world to have wedded that day. All the noise and eating had gone with the night. It was time for us to retire to our booked hotel room at Sharaton, one of the biggest in Nigeria. I turned on the dim lights in replacement of the illuminating ones. I moved close to her and unzipped her wedding gown which was still on her decoratively structured zaftig. At first I was reluctant, but she gave me the most arresting smile there is, and said ‘ go on handsome’. I could not breath as my heart beat stopped for some seconds before coming back to life. Those words were like that of an Angel. I went down on her and was making a gradual movement towards her thigh region, when she gave a sexy moan ‘ orhunnn! hmmmm! Ouch!!!’. My manly tool was now on red alert ready to do some serious justice. When I got to the terminal point and was about to do some serious digging, a voice called out mý name; accompanied with a patting. It was my room mate, I yelled on the top of my voice ‘ what! Why disrupt my honey moon?’ He took some few steps backwards in amazement ‘ Are you in your right state of mind’ he said worriedly. With a huge sign I said out aloud ‘ not to worry, Fasasi, it was only a sweet dream’. I wrote this for the most alluring lady in my class. Her name ————

4 thoughts on “Dreams come true” by Eminefoh (@Eminefoh)

  1. ojestar (@ojestar)

    Lol…Daydreamer….keep dreaming. You better gather up liver and walk up to her n express yahseff.

    Spacing the paragraphs would have made for a more enjoyable read.

    Nevertheless, I enjoyed it for its surprising unpredictability!

    Keep writing.

  2. @ojestar lmao!! I totally agree with Ojestar on this one. Lol! You go fear daydreamer!!! 😂😂😂

  3. Thanks guys. Don’t worry about him so much

  4. Lolx.

    Ojestar biko tell him. He doesnt no that there is no slackin in this century. .u slack u lose o…u will be there dreamin now and person go fast forward the casette…

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