CAN I [Careless Emotions]



The sinews of my heart are taut again-
Will it break?
Or slackened into chords of ruptured fibre-
Will it hold?
My emotions have dissolved into your own-
Will I drown?
Or sail on perpetual seas of enamored feels-
Will the storms pass?
Even as I bemoan calm and tide-
Will I be beaten again?
Bitten again…
By cannine guts of the gurgling foam, and…
Driven in a maddened haste against the wind?
The wind; a gale of no care-
Or do you care?
Whether or not-
These seas show any mercy to a man’s sail?

My heart is the shortcut to my head-
Am I allowed to commute?
Through terraces of passion’s fruits,
Scented by serenities of desiring hearts, and…
Thick perfumes of coalescing bodies-
Am I overwhelmed?
In thoughts that are weighted by deep feels-
Am I sane?
Doped, sedated by the hush of your chest’s talk-
Am I crazed?
Roaming the conundrum of hollow talks,
Words tunnelled into caves of mazed minds-
Am I lost?
To slicing winds and violent gales of no care-
Or do you care?
Whether or not-
These mazes show direction to a man’s route?

Love should tell in megabytes of light’s speed,
Yet, our love is a snail or slug-
Can we speed?
Or sluggishly tread trails of exasperated hearts,
When love is snowed upon: frigid and cold-
                            Can I warm?
Warmed-up to the cuddle of supple breasts-
Or can I heat?
For, its a furnace for smoldering hearts
Flames that fire the embers of a dying hearth-
Can I fan?
To conjure up old passions to lost souls-
Can I find?
A remote route into your thickened bushes
Unkempt, unshaven as if you don’t care
Whether or not-
Your heart is warmed by a man’s shaft.


Poet Razon-Anny Justin

2 thoughts on “CAN I [Careless Emotions]” by Razon-Anny Justin (@PoetRazon)

  1. Maggie Smart (@MaggieSmart)

    Well done. I could actually feel the anxiety of the narrator. It’s a good one

    1. Thank you @maggiesmart. There is hope that it will only be getting better. It can only get better.

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