And so it came to pass by jimoh Ibrahim

And so it came to pass

And so it came to pass
After months of happiness
A me yeilded Supreme powers
Making me at logger heads with
The ominipresent
I gave warmth
Even breath I bequeated
I was at par with her
Cared so much for her
Companionship which I gave in return
For so much concern
I gave an endless joy
Which i thought to survive
The affairs became healthy
For so much love
Gave a countless cowries
That set up her dreams
Through moonless nights
I gave her light
Which the candle throws
For so much shelter
I merge close to her
Drawing my breath close to her
Performing my masculine duties
Preventing the august of rains
Putting an end to our affairs
And now which I needed her the most
She forsake me
Living in a confused state
To carry my cross alone
After piercing my heart
With a sharp smooth dart
She has fast forgotten my guidance
As a concern man
Playing the role of a father
But i had a studious fellow
Who came as a brother
I gave him a companion
He took away my mistress
Hmmmmm………. She is lucifer
Who wants me to suffer
Breaking the robe of brother hood
Just to feel my space
Oh! I could remember
A warning from the soothsayer
“who ever listen to the voice of the
Elderly is like a strong tree”
A century in a relationship
Hurts more than a decade of being single
I have been restricted to the affairs of this world
She gave me a gift of tragedy
Which is like a chamelon feaces
Smiling is impossible
I beg of you!
Leave my memories
For I may be happy
And free from heartbreaks
And then it came to pass

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  1. SamPaul (@SamPaul)

    good work, keep it up.

  2. Jimoh Babatunde Ibrahim (@jimbrah)


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