Against All Odds

Against All Odds

In my coat of many colors
I sat helplessly in the parlor
Of the boat
Soaked with much labor
I looked deep down the sea

Out of the bolt of the blue
Came the blows of the waves
The tides all tied round the boat
The currents and torrents
Were all obscure and enigmatic

As I stand in the parlor
Of the boat
My torpor increases
As the great tornado
Fears of the ocean bed
Never slip off my mind
All I needed was just a torpedo

In the half sink boat
With my little coat
Of many colors
All things became equal
Labor seems favor
My coat deems as the
Sinking boat

The currents and the torrents
Became tolerant
My state of lethargy and
Apathy relinquished
I survived to the harbor.

2 thoughts on “Against All Odds” by Christopher Titus (@christitus)

  1. Thanks @ Christopher for this effort.Poetry is the hardest genre of literature. You might want to review your stanzas and perhaps revist your verbs to enhance consistency(past and present).But if the subject matter of the above mentioned poem contains some hidden aspects that your audience may like to know, a short note to unravel this is highly recommended.Thanks for your understanding.You are doing a great job.

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