Abducted #12

It’s been a while I posted Abducted here, the story line is probably forgotten. A quick summary; After a gruesome abduction costing Serena McCarthy more than a decade of her life, she returns seeking revenge from her uncle: Ryan McCarthy and his accomplice Steve and Greg not forgetting her mother’s best friend: Mrs Jefferson {the deadly killer called Sniper} and maid Holly who orchestrated everything. Her mother and grandmother died after she was abducted due to depression.

Despite seeking revenge, she couldn’t quite get over her past changed her identity to Desiree Hopkins hoping to life would give her a piece of tranquility. Desiree Hopkins has a back up being a prosecutor in the country’s leading law firm, struggles to forgive her father and brother.

Not forgetting prince charming, Dr. Luke Jefferson and his best friend Dr. Annie, who later discovered she’s Luke’s half sister thanks to Desiree. Dr. Luke oblivious of his mother’s secret identity and crimes, is in love with Desiree.

After being trailed for weeks, Desiree eventually disappears without a trace. Her intern Amy is devastated and her boss Mr Fletcher is also worried. Paige an alley of Desiree and seeking justice for daughter who was taken from her, helps her accomplish her goal.

Abducted #12

Mrs Jefferson looked at Annie surprised, she wasn’t expect her to be against Desiree. She was happy she had her daughter on her side in the eradication of Desiree. She had planned on seeing Joe but this was better.

It’s awkward Joe had abducted her for six months and didn’t kill her. He might have ulterior motives. Maybe he wants me back in the pack but I’ve closed that chapter in my life. I won’t go back to my life of crimes.

“Mom” Annie called “You seem distant” she continued when she got her mother’s attention.

“I got carried away. I’m extremely ecstatic, finally she’s gone”

“You seem happy, but am not. I still don’t have Luke” Annie said with a sad facial expression.

“She won’t be a pain anymore Annie, that’s the most important thing. Luke will always be with you, he’s family.” Mrs Jefferson said reaching out to her.

“I’m thinking of a manhunt for Desiree”

‘If Annie issues a manhunt for her, she would be caught easily especially with a court order. Joe probably lied about having her, she will definitely be locked away.’

“How about a court charge against her?” Mrs Jefferson asked with a smile.


Months later…

I could see the beast in my mother that Desiree always told me about. Each passing day she became more obsessed with her, she claims she killed her but could feel her presence around her, stalking her. She would say Desiree knocked her off the edge but she killed her yet she’s not at peace. What else does she want?

I blamed Ethan for not pressing charges years ago against my parents but after knowing the truth and still lived with my mother, I understood him. He didn’t press charges to save my parents not me. My parents have lost it and Annie still finds comfort in them.

I’ve never seen this level of ecstatic in Annie, she’s obviously happy Desiree is dead and her parents are safe. Ryan is not a role model neither is my mother. I feel resentment towards them, with each day I drift away from the place I once called home.

It was a home until my mother destroyed it. I can’t call her that anymore, I seem to have lost my respect for her. Why would she destroy the lives of Desiree and her parents? What’s her motive? Her gain?

I can’t be here after knowing everything, at least the part Ethan gracious told me which my….which Mrs Jefferson denied. There’s a manhunt for Desiree whom my mother claimed she killed. Is she dead? from Amy’s discovery Annie ordered it. She also lied to me. Amy had told her the dirt she found on her mother but she covered it up.

“Luke” Annie called somewhere from within the house.

“I have to be anywhere but here to search for Desiree. Hopefully she’s alive and kicking” Luke said gathering his things.

“What are you doing?” Annie asked, the shock evident on her face.

“I don’t want to be part of your dysfunctional, insane and psychotic family” Annie scoffed.

“Funny, those are the same words I used for Desiree”

“You lied to me, why? To protect your mom and dad?” Luke asked, she looked away. Her silence gave her away.

“If anything happen to Amy…I know it’s you and you’ll pay dearly” Luke said slightly irked.

“You’re threatening me? Desiree knew you’re her cousin yet she let you into her bed. I know you slept with her, your cousin Luke! You slept with your cousin, you’re pathetic” Annie went on ranting. He merely stared at her.

The saying that ‘when you lie with trash you eventually become a trash’ it’s true, it’s no myth. After six months of living with her mother, I can’t recognize Annie. I’ve lost her, lost Desiree, Ethan and Miles. Where do I start?

“Have a good life Annie” Luke said interrupting her ranting. She was too overwhelmed with shock to react.

“Mom, I’m leaving. I can’t live like this anymore, I can’t forget what you, your daughter and my estranged father did.” She didn’t say anything. She just stared at him.

“You’ll be back Luke, we’re your family. Take your time”

“Paige is alive and she’s coming for you” Luke said leaving.

Mrs Jefferson gasped.


Mr Fletcher walked into my office unannounced and did his regular routine of checking up on me. I can see the fear evident in his eyes. He’s scared that I might disappear like her, he genuinely care for me though I don’t know if it’s because she disappeared or because the other prosecutors might hurt me.

“Amy your internship was over a long time ago, I’m retaining you here. I know I told you needed to do your internship again because you failed but you didn’t. Desiree told me to employ you and make up stories about your internship and I’m sorry”

“Desiree asked you to, am not surprised.”

“It’s a year already and one would think It’s enough to forget about her but it isn’t. Though she’s a narcissist, she had good sense of humor” we remained quiet for what seems like eternity then he left.

“Sniper’s case is a dead end, probably she has someone covering her tracks. Dr. Annie didn’t tell Luke about Sniper who might be related to him, all the cases entering the firm are being handled by the other prosecutor. Basically I’ve to continue breathing and be visible, then the most important part: Do not Trust anyone but Luke and Mr Fletcher have proved themselves trustworthy, and I trust them. Luke is totally in love with Desiree even after her disappearance. Why would Annie keep sniper a secret? The manhunt for her has yield no result-”

“You’ve lost it” My female bodyguard interrupted me walking in. “Stop talking to yourself it’s annoying and-”

“We…I mean I, I’m going home” Amy said shutting her laptop, stood up gathered her things and left. Her guards followed her out.


‘I can’t wait to be home. Hopefully after a nap, I’ll realize it’s all a nightmare and Desiree isn’t missing’ Amy said to herself looking out the window of the moving car.

Nothing seems to get her attention, she just continued staring. She turned just in time to see a car approaching in the same lane, she was instantly frightened. She looked at her guards worried, but they remained still. Who drives in the opposite direction on the same lane?

In a swift attempt to avoid crashing into the car approaching in it’s lane, the car swerved into the steep side of the road. The car came to a halt after several swaying down trees and rocks along the steep.

Amy growled, she reached for the door but it didn’t open. She forced her body through the broken window. She glanced around, there was nothing in sight expect trees and rocky hills. She grunted in pains touching her bruised arm and legs.

Her guard moved slowly, then violently as they struggled to get out. She clasped her head as she sat on the ground, she felt lightening bolts in her head. She rubbed her aching head but it was futile. Her vision became blurred slowly, she shook her head vigorously but her eyes were shutting.

She managed to see a shadow cast over her, she looked up and that was the last thing she saw before passing out.


Amy opened her eyes slowly, she looked around but didn’t know where she was. She immediately sat up in the huge bed and panicked. Am I abducted? Could he have found me?

She heard movement somewhere in the house, she got up and slumped instantly. She was weak, she got up slowly, looked for her phone but couldn’t find it. The footsteps got closer, she didn’t know what to do. She was literally shivering.

The door opened and Paige walked in. Amy was instantly relieved. It wasn’t her supposed nightmare. A tray of delicious food was set on the bed besides her.

“You could have been less dramatic in retrieving me mom” she said in relief.

“There’s no fun in that” Paige said with a smirk on her face.

“I missed you so much mom” Amy said hugging her mother with her last reserved strength, relieved her mother didn’t disappear like Desiree. Holding her so close, making sure she doesn’t disappear.

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