The Youngster Named Amigo – Episode5!

I checked my time it was some minutes past 11.
I couldn’t go to ask my mom for food at that time and whenever she was in that kind of mood!
I just couldn’t sleep…
could this be dream?
but Dreams didn’t just happen like that..
they happened either as a result of thoughts that gained eminence in the mind during the day and they played back at night during rest or as a site for supernatural communication where natural unforeseen event was going happen..
This wasn’t even a dream.. or is it possible for someone to dream without sleeping or lying down?
I wasn’t sleeping… I knew!
it was something like being transcended into another environment/atmosphere!
Trance is the word!
And then,
Someone imaginary who is a president is telling me how they didn’t have food to eat! asking me to deliver a message! what message? to who?
but I also replied that “I will”.. how was that possible?
And then my mom’s issue was something I was nervous about too!
what am I going to tell them now?
I also thought of my self!
little things were incentives for my parents to grill at me or be displeased with me these days!
Are my priorities of life still the way they should be?
looking at who I’ve become to my parents – an alien!!
It shook my decisions..
I wasn’t like this to them before!
the meaning they read me always had been a promising child ESP my mom!
Situations now stole all those away from their memories,.
and I was seen as an alien child who made his way into their home!
God knew why!!
I was named Amigo ‘cos when my mom got pregnant of me,
things started getting well and better for them and they traveled for the first time abroad after years of dreaming..
my dad went on education scholarship by the mission to further.
He took my mom and elder sisters along..
It was in Mexico!
I was given birth to there and we stayed there for one more year before his program was concluded.
When they gave birth to me, there was no name that seemed to fit with my personality and the kind of Spirit I came with!
So, I was named Amigo!
Amigo was in Spanish and it meant boy-friend!
So I was a friend to my parents!
my dad’s ideology of it was that God who was his friend had fulfilled that in his life by giving him a friend who was a blessing as him – God!

I was a promising child until when my will started conflicting with my parents’ wish!
They were about the speed and I was about the rightness!!
I took time to think of these things..

All these thoughts took the night from me as it benighted,
till I got a picture the whole play was about,
of everything I thought about..
I slept at about some minutes to 4am!
An hour later, I heard a knock!
what was it? devotion!
it was time for morning devotion!
it was just as if I closed my eyes and opened them again within seconds..
It was here that I was going to tell everyone what happened.!
the trouble is who will believe me?

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