The Youngster Named Amigo – Episode 4

So I stood there with utter disconcert while he left me.
I wandered about the place;
for the overthrow of rest in me,. my mind was seethed with discomfort,
and nervousness took helms of peace my heart initially was smeared with!
My bane wasn’t for the food or the starvation plague they were fronted with.. I didn’t care for myself!
It was how to cope with the unforeseen!!!
At then, there was all certainty I was going to be overwhelmed with so many plights..
having just being met by the President!
He doesn’t just meet people except there was need to play responsibility;
always a great one or there was danger ahead!
so was I briefed!
I didn’t know what this meant..
it couldn’t have been responsibility since I’m new there and was yet to be acquainted with the system around!
So, clearly, it was danger.. this led me into being preyed upon by anxiety! me who didn’t care!
I wished this predicament would come once for all so I would face them now and have a nice living from then on and till who knows when!
So I sat to get myself together and prepared for whatever the pickle would be!

I heard a knock and “what are you still doing here at this time of the night Amigo?
The knock was a near one!
and unfortunately, it was on my head!
It was familiar!
I jerked and screamed!
only my mom knew how to do it this better..
her hands never missed the site of impact!
her hands were always right and at the same place it used to be on my head – at the center line dividing the back compartment from the first!
it was as if the voice I heard was gone!
This was the knock that always spread shock waves through the sutures in my skull to my brain and I always felt as if something like a balled rolled in my head!
like I had a boil!
I was told that the brain had shock-absorbers but I’ve never seen it work anytime this knock came on my head!
Absorbers are supposed to neutralize the effect of something!
but they failed!!
As the shocks proceeded down to my brain,
it seemed as if signals failed and became impaired!
I saw the President again and he said “remember my message”!
I answered yes sir! I’ll try my best sir!
Everything was fading and becoming new
as my eyes opened!
The environment was still strange to what I knew!
And gradually memory started refreshing and it appeared to me like Dejavu!
but I still heard the President coming from my behind towards me by the konk sound of his shoes!

As I was slow to response to get inside.)
I felt like my ear was being twisted 360 degrees and plucked out!
it pained and I shouted again!
“look at this stupid boy! didn’t I tell you to get inside? and who are you even talking to by the way”?
I’ve heard na! I said I will.. aaarrgh!!!! I wasn’t talking to anyone but you!
(I thought it was him)
“Good heavens”!!! you dare talk to me like that”?
A slap that moved my legs was what I heard on my face with streaks of reminders and flashes of memories coming back!
It was heavy on my face like lead and impactful like the clash of the big bang!
The pain was so grievous that my eyes became clear immediately.
I remembered now that it was my house so I stood up with confusion of where to go. whether to my own room or the parlor in the main house cos my room is beside the main house.
Suddenly, a force pushed me forward that I almost fell,
from the back!
“Get inside before I start with you this night” she ordered!
it was my mom and it has been her all the while!
she must have thought I was sleepwalking!!
when I realized,
I tried to apologize but it was too late!
I was just weak!
I had to follow the direction and it was to the main house!
“where are you going”?
inside ma!
“inside where”? c’mon get inside your room”! idiot of a son”!
“tomorrow morning you’ll have to explain to me and your dad what you said to me tonight and what you were doing outside at the time of the night”!!
yes ma! I answered while I sheepishly made for the door of my room!watchout 4 part 5.

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