The stubborn Child

The Youngster named Amigo! Episode 3

Then I was conducted round the different ministries!
I saw various ones like ministry of food and resources which housed departments like Schnapps and water,
Kola nuts,
department of road side and junction foods,
of idol foods,
of strangled animals and their likes..
Modes of their preparation were different.
some were greeted with high pleasure and others with less grace!

The President of the conference visited me at the sessions after he left the panel..
He showed me their reservoirs and stalls,.
they were empty!
He told me with dissatisfaction how starving they were;
pity pitied him!
some hadn’t eaten for weeks, some for months and others – days!
and now his counsel was of how they needed the relatives not to relent on the efforts they’ve been making towards them..
He made it with certainty that their suffering was because relatives and people no longer bring meals..
and this was because of the religions established by unquestionable higher authorities..

The worst being Christianity!

Some of the religions do it(offer them food) but not all and very few among the participating percentage do it!
I was shown different major personalities,
heads of states, aldermen, SANs, men who wield the reins of government wherever their will meant!

Most persons who suffered this starvation were whites..
Blacks ain’t got probs!
They eat anything they see or are given!
Just whites got some qualms to pay for!
Cos they selected meals..
when their only means of survival here was being offered meals called “Service” by brother nations who got service from their relatives,
Cos the country people of the whites don’t send them any service!
Their only survival was being given a portion from the service rendered to African brothers!
This was same for the other continents whose people don’t do service!
It was called service because it was a from of wage paid to them for the work or mission to be done or done!

You already know the missions they execute I guess!

Some countries do service but
Africans and Jamaicans were the major percentage of food resources!
You need to see personalities starving, who enjoyed life in the world like die!

I saw Osama bin Laden and his Co’s.
he was really starving..
he sat with skully head,
thin hands and legs,
he couldn’t even stand on his feet!
his belly had become protruded like a currant from the pudding …
I could decipher the regrets on his face and also stamped in his mood!
I forgot to say,
everyone who came there serve their positions which they held formerly in the world according to the number of years declared by the constitution,
for the bureaucrats and administrators while the talented ones go on with what they do – their talents!
Osama produced bombs together with his Co’s..
he starved because he produced weapons for sale.. there was no sales!

Economic meltdown for there bad like gon!
who uses bomb here?
except for the brother nations like Africans who either borrowed or bought when they got missions to execute and in return he’s compensated for a meal when the relatives of the brothers offered them service for the job done but these days missions are even rare to come by ‘cos of the religious institutions!
*And this hailed my meeting with rye President who was black*!
So, he told me they needed relatives to be sending services to serve them or else they’d die and become extinct forever!

I wondered why he’s telling me?
why not the others?
why didn’t he call one of the other citizens like me and tell them?

I was sorrowful for them all;
though I’ve left home for my family,
where I ate 3plates per meal;
and now here was the talk of famine and starvation;
….when I was even rejoicing earlier that I finally had a place to rest from the tortures (beating and name callings) of my parents!
But it didn’t even cross my mind as a threat – the starvation I was going to faceup to cos for the meantime,
me have been served princely…
let those days take care of themselves..

But all my being really didn’t attend the symposium of rest and tranquility in my Spirit!
I relaxed with fear and blood surging my vessels and high-turning my pulse rate, having not known what my next doom would be; when it was just my arrival yet!
Haven’t even spent up to a day yet and I’ve started counting from my regrets list again!

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