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The youngster named Amigo! Episode 2

Episode 2!

So I sat there watching the ceremony go on and while it the dance went on!
I was accorded a Personal Assistant who was an elderly man of about 70.

He was a man drowned up in intellectual prowess and dexterity;
you could feel his vocals attesting to it as they respected drizzles out of the springs of knowledge!!
He spoke with the diverse genders of insight ushering wisdom into play and party …

For such a man,
you’ll accede his cert. when he was alive only lent credence to his personality!!

I just sat marvelling,..

He was here because when he was in the world,
he was endowed with wealth and riches;
had estates and companies…
… “instinct immediately struck a key in my head” !!
I responded with genius consent!

>> His riches was because he was a man birth of knowledge!

So, because he had all those,
his wife sought to gain regency over his place!

He was poisoned!
Before he could get anywhere sooner by his driver for treatments,
he saw himself lain at the back seat of the vehicle;
lifeless like a cadaver who could do nothing about it.. and his way was driven down here!!

I was sorry for him.. sympathized and that was how it happened!

Eventually, as I watched,
I saw some familiar dance steps,.
I knew them!
though I didn’t know how to dance very well!!
my friends teased that I danced like a smudging penguin in the ice
my flat long legs won’t let me get into the moves, as they looked like they were webbed!

I saw Alanta, Skelewu, Alingo e.t.c.
as different factions came to do it on the stage;
though everyone covered in nzu and white chalk,
with leaves wreathed around everyone’s head,
waist, wrist and ankles, including me! yes?
this is the land of the dead, so we all happened like that!!
“That’s Shakiti Bobo sir” !! “this is the most current one in vogue now”.. wow!
“yes it really is”
“how did you guys learn it here sir”? “I mean it’s distinctly two paralleled ends – here and the world”!
” we didn’t learn it”!
“yes”! “our system here is much faster than what you have over there”…
” we do our release 10years before it sets to stage in the earth”.
“so what’s in vogue over there now,
was what was in vogue here in 1999 dance edition”… a sort of replay of what was here back in the day”!
but sir you said 10years ago! this is 2015!
so it should be 2005!
“yes! but in actuality,
this is year 2009..
the earth uses Gregorian calendar instead of Orthodox!
Gregorian is much faster than Orthodox and it was changed to Gregorian for some selfish reasons!
they wanted some Pagan festivals to fall in and with the way the earth was going,
civilisations gaining high places… paganism was to be done away with esp for the nations front lining this era!
so, selfishly to retain these festivities, yet was little for us to breed on;
‘they themselves at the forefront of the civilisation show had to undo the radar calendar which was Orthodox for Gregory’s to be done!

I was just wowed! I didn’t know what to say!

I watched the conference go on with merries and jollies!

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