Watchman Of A Ruined City

Watchman Of A Ruined City

WATCHMAN, of a Ruined City
Joshua Omenga

Watchman on empty watchtower
Into this bleak future peer
For behind, the ruin looms
Of your beloved country:
Flow of blood on thresholds
Wives ravished before husbands
Parents butchered before children
Aged bones suffused in offspring’s blood…

Watchman, report this horror in your land
Where each step treads
On the soul of a lost dear one
Kindred bones lie asunder
The eyes cannot see the nose
Everywhere, this redness in your land
Undiluted fluid of your elite’s greed
Invites questions for the reckoning

Watchman, on this gloom
Of your country’s doom
Turn from your watchpost
The enemies are within
The devouring wolves of your lament
Are in-dwellers in your pen
These whom you shelter
Are the causers of your sorrow

The torches have gone out
The last cry at the rooftop
Signals your city’s extinction
There is no assuage for remnants
Soused in brethren blood

Watchman on this watchtower
What mystery shall you scribble for those to come
Of these who have gone?
Dip into this, their blood
And paint their gory history

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