Zombie WarZ

Zombie warZ

 Note: This may be in the fiction category, but its a true story. From one who lived it…

As told by the PenPrince

Part 1: Law and Chaos

I remember the day zombies attacked my school. First of July 2013. I remember that day vividly. That morning I had strolled into the faculty of law lounge as I usually did, in my impossibly white shirt, spotless as a baby’s sinless heart, dark as coal trousers and brighter than sunlight smile. Eyes in beautiful faces framed by lustrous hair turned and conversations paused as I strolled in a normal response from ladies and a reaction to my presence, Helpless to control their breathy sighs and roving eyes. I am after all dashingly handsome and incredibly winsome. But let me proceed with the story of the zombie attack on the faculty and school that morning rather than distract you with my looks as I have distracted many comely females. As I entered the lounge, I opened the lss office door to quickly glance in to see who was about and answer greetings from Sifer,  Anjola and a  couple of other lss officials including Seun Larry Williams the faculty president who did i mention happened to hold me in high regard.  I then strolled into the faculty lounge, ignoring both longing looks and passing glances. For yes occasionally stubborn ladies will only partially glance at me, reluctant to acknowledge the dazzling charm of my looks. This is only pretence however and secretly in their heart of hearts they admit to themselves my utter desirability. A quick survey shows me that the lower part of the lounge is half full with year two to five students’ though in a corner I notice William Hosanna a year one student, and extremely brilliant scrabble player. He is a good friend of mine but I don’t bother waving at him. He is totally engrossed in tutoring a flock of attentive ladies over a scrabble game board and doesn’t look like he will appreciate being disturbed just now. I am somewhat perceptive after all. I walk to the corner of the lounge and climb the stairs leading to the upper portion of the lounge. While climbing the stairs, Vanessa a year 4 girl stumbles while climbing down and almost falls. She smiles her thanks to my steadying hand and skips on. I smile inwardly to myself thinking “and so the ladies keep falling before me”. At the upper part of the lounge, year two students, Dammy Odu, Jones Ayuwo, plump, pretty Tobi and a couple others are lounging (I did mention it’s a lounge after all). I sit down in one of the chairs after exchanging greetings with my gees. One of my friends Yode inquires about my missing Samsung galaxy s4 phone which was stolen the week before. I reply that I hadn’t been able to recover it. I answer that I would probably get another or maybe the Htc one to get the experience of using a different product. Dammy inquires why not a blackberry Porsche? That would make a statement I agree, but I didn’t like blackberry products and asides making the statement, I wouldn’t enjoy using it.  I hope the reader isn’t getting bored with the story just yet. All this chitchat about phones and looks is not an attempt to be overly vain but rather show what an ordinary day it started as. It’s meant to set the pace and show you in all starkness how what started as an ordinary day became a day of horror and foreboding. And the issue of my looks, well not that I’m a vain fellow but you see, my looks do tend to be an unavoidable part of me, even to me. Even when I try to forget them, the ladies don’t let me. But let me not bear you too far away from the interesting channel our tale is flowing through. I and my friends engaged in chit chat along with the other law students in the lounge for upwards of thirty minutes. I do remember the timing impeccably being posessed of an eidetic memory. 10.35am exactly it is, when we hear a piercing scream from one of the girls. We stop in shock and turn to find out the reason for the scream. A pack of food she most likely had bought from the food seller at the lower part of the lounge is open. The contents of the food pack are the reason for the scream. Instead of just tasty fried rice with plantain and coleslaw she must have ordered, a mass of crawling maggots and creepy insects are awash in the food pack and crawling out of the edge. The owner of the food, a popular year two girl named Toyosi who had been the cover girl for popular artiste wizkid’s song art looked up in revulsion then rushes down to likely confront the foodseller. Another piercing scream is heard and we all rush down to find out what new horror is unfolding. When I along with Jones, Dammy and Yode get to the lower part of the lounge, a scene of horror greets us. It is chaos in law


 All the people who appear to have bought food appear to be in bad shape, or at least those carless enough to have eaten the food without looking too closely at its contents. Several people are on the floor, vomiting, some retch out organs on the floor which is fast turning bloody, some are slumped on the floor, the unaffected girls are screaming uncontrollably, good sign that they are unaffected, somebody, a guy rushes to the door and turns the handle, in vain. The door is locked. “It’s locked from the outside’’ Jones says. His announcement is received with silence as the scary implications of that statement sinks into us. An icy shudder runs through me. In the silence that followed Jones’s announcement, we notice that the rest of the lounge is also silent. All the retching, dying people had completed their death throes it seemed and were lying still. We all quietly survey the carnage in the room and one girl, Akorede in year two inquires in a small scared voice ‘’are they dead?’’ I am about to respond in a sarcastic tone that they are only catching up on lost sleep when one of the silent bodies begins jerking. Slowly at first, then continuously. All the other bodies in the lounge begin to jerk too. Violently. Screaming and crying from the girls begin anew. I look at the faces of the boys in the room. Even their faces reflect fear, the same fear I knew must be reflected in my handsome features. Almost in this instant did I forget my good looks for all the girls had forgotten it it seemed. Almost but not quite. For I noticed that as they whimpered and moaned, they moved closer to me.  The jerking bodies stop jerking all at the same instant. Then a head looks up. Fingers begin to move and bodies begin to jerk up in choppy robotic motions like we see in resident evil and living dead movies. I briefly look at the food stand for the foodseller and wonder, a small part of me that she must be in some way responsible for the sale of the food that’s converting people into zombies and the locked door too must be her doing. There is scant time for logic and reasonings however as all around us zombies are rising up from the corpses of dead law students.  one of the boys, Dammy reaches for the door to the lss office but it dosnt budge. It appears to be locked too. Around us, our former law students have risen up as ghoulish zombies, with bloodshot eyes and glistening fangs as they shuffle towards us. I bend to pick up an object from the floor. It is long and ornate. Curved and beautiful. I don’t stop to wonder what a finely forged samurai sword is doing on the floor of the law lounge.  There had been strange inexplicable occurrences and zombie risings. It only stood to reason there would be samurai swords too.  Now all that was needed was a hero of the light to wield tha blade and vanquish all shadowy forces that had appeared in the faculty. I was definitely hero material-20 yards. I had the looks and now the sword too and apparently the skill as we found out when zombies rushed in for a taste of living flesh. Too bad they didn’t get their taste some of the girls in the lounge with me where sweet lasses I could confirm. In one smooth motion, I drew the stainless steel sword from its sheath and lopped of the head of one zombie that had shuffled ahead of its mates. I tried not to reason that it was one of my mates formerly. That is one thing you don’t think if you want to survive a zombie apocalypse. I command all the remaining law students to get behind me  as the shuffling zombies stagger…into a carnage as I have at them. I am a whirlwind with my spinning sword, I don’t disappoint the fates that had sent a sword to aid us in the zombie aplcalypse and display brilliant swordsmanship and skills I never knew I had (another reason for the reader to watch samurai and ninja movies. You never know when a zombie apocalypse will happen and a hero will be called for). After cutting up the last zombie law student(regrettable that, but necessary for survival) I sheath my sword in a flourish. I am just about to say that we should find a way out of the lounge when the lss office door bursts open and something  grabs one of the girls. It’s the Toyosi girl in year two. The creature holding her is different from the rest of the zombies. This one has a human head, the head of the food seller in the lounge who we reasoned must be responsible for the whole zombie manifestation. The zombie queen/foodseller has long leathery wings and glistening fangs in its human mouth all of which contribute to make a truly hideous face. I pull out my sword and notice the blade is glowing. A blue nimbus of light is surrounding the blade, likely a reaction to the evil of the batzombie/foodseller. At the sight of my glowing sword, the zombie flinches back in fear . ‘’putsss down your weaponsss. Puts it down or thisss one diessss’’ it rasps through its hideous fangs. Yeah right I think. Put down my weapon and be lunch for a fat batzombie. On the same vein I couldn’t very well let the Toyosi girl my classmate, and a pretty lass besides be eaten by the zombie queen. I glance back at my remaining companions with raised eyebrows.  Dammy shakes his head and mouths a silent no. I know what I must do. I toss my sword to the floor. The zombie queen’s eyes are on the sword, watching it as it falls to the ground. This is instinct . It would keep its eyes on the feared weapon as it fell and I know this. I don’t watch the falling sword with it however. I am already moving. I launch the scabbard of the sword straight at it while its distracted by the falling sword and bend to scoop up the sword. I am not quick enough however for as I pick up the sword and rush at the bat zombie queen, I notice its already dodged the missile and is reaching for Toyosi’s neck with its fangs in anger. Time slows. I can feel myself racing to defeat not just the bat  zombie but time and space. Will I make it, will I be in time to save a lovely damsel in distress? For that is a hero’s traditional role. I strive to fulfill that role with my sword outstretched in the samurai strike pose and my body hurtling through space and time. Skin is pierced and flesh is rent. Toyosi screams and falls to the floor, unharmed as my swird pierces the monster bat zombie in the mouth. Directly in between the fangs it had sort to end a damsel’s life with. She looks at me gratefully while sobbing in relief and the others rush to comfort her. I pull my sword of the carcass of the dead zombie monster. A while later we hear pounding on the door and I pull my sword taking a few steps back waiting for the next foe. Tired but determined. I knew though that there was only so much a handsome hero could do. A bunch of keys rattle, one is inserted into the key hole and turned. The door swings open and we all breath in relief. It is Seun Larry Williams and the dean proffessor I.O Smith coming I to tell us that the school has been overrun with zombies. We all rush out to find the school outside law in chaos. Zombies shuffling lazily around, living students are caught and eaten, and bat zombies sail through the air on leathery wings to snatch students from the ground and feast on them in the sky. I notice the sky. The sky has gone dark and cloudy from the smoke billowing from the topmost floor of the senate building that housed the vc’s office. I shook my head in despair and hoped they had more swords, more heroes for this one was weary and wounded. I put a hand to my shoulder and it came away wet with blood for as I stabbed the batzombie dead, its claws had torn my flesh. I felt sluggush and dizzy. Who knew what venom would be rushing through me now. But I smiled my charming smile at one of my female companions who smiled back bravely and drew my sword as one of the zombie bats swooped in for the kill. As long as there were monsters to slay and damsels to save, tired heroes would keep fighting.

The Saga Continues…

10 thoughts on “Zombie WarZ” by Admin2 (@admin2)

  1. Ezeama Chijioke Desmond (@Chijy)

    Whoa! Interesting! Did you say this was a true story? I can only imagine.

    1. From one who lived it. 😈

  2. ojestar (@ojestar)

    First, I have to salute your courage taking up such a story. Nevertheless, just as you feared your audience may be getting bored and distracted, you didn’t disappoint in doing just that. Not only with your fine looks,,,,abeg post your pix make we see jere#lol…but by:

    – not giving us a vivid description that should have set our senses at work, instead you cheated us by referring us to Zombie movies. Big distraction, you have forgotten the power of the written word.

    – having too much of telling than showing us the event as it unfolds.

    – Proper spacing of the paragraphs could have made it a more interesting read.

    I’m sure the next one is going to be more interesting. Thanks for giving us something different to munch on. Just make sure you patiently wait till it’s well cooked.

    Well done bro.

    1. Thank you for your kind contributions

  3. anak adrian (@anakadrian)

    Ha ha ha. I liked this. Quite a lot, actually. With its upbeat, funny nature, (quite a contrast for a story you tagged as a horror flick, *parody much?* ) and its “youth-ie-ness”.

    I believe what @ojestar said is in order. I mean, bro, you had it coming… You yourself realised this, at some point, but I guess it was a case of that writer’s love for his story preventing him from cutting off any part of words and ideas he has so lovingly created.

    But seriously, you’ll have to. This was unnecessarily puffed up.

    Also, do post your subsequent episodes in shorter bits. A thousand words here, a thousand there.

    Your comma use as well (or should I say, your lack of it). It’s almost like using them is against your religion.

    Overall, nice write. You can only get better.

  4. aplusn (@aplusn)

    Liked this one, at least its difference from the usual made it unique. It seemed like a zombie parody but that didn’t stop it from being good, afterall there are parodies that are better than what they copied.
    However, use paragraphs next time, it is better for the readers to follow.

    1. Thank you. A bit sloppy I agree. Will definitely improve with the paragraphing.

  5. opustjkwrites (@opustjk)

    Hmmm.I’ve actually always wanted to write a zombie apocalypse series.This story gave me some ideas.Nice one.

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