A youngster named Amigo!

A youngster named Amigo!

what is life? “I’ve always wondered! “what entity, object, figure represented life” ?

“was there any being called Life? or was it just the breath we take in all day”? if it wasn’t the breath, how come people die when they stopped breathing” ? “if it wasn’t a being that it would leave or enter humans, how come there’s air and people still die when most of them Dont have asthma or breathing complications?

Breath! so I was taught by my parents and it was what most people held!

inquisitive as I was, always imagining the impossible and trying to fathom the impossible .

On this evening, I sat tired of working and being sent here and there by my mom who was making supper..
I gazed at the evening beauty of the heavens, wondering after the lighting system: the stars which decorated the fairly grey blue backdrop of the heavens! – the skies!! how about the large full moon? spreading its shines upon the whole place! everywhere you went you see this light as if it was waiting for you there!

I was drowned in thoughts imagining again.. when I pictured the moon as my spotlight;

it kindled the mood.. so I was gone!

I thought of death and what I was told about
Nigerians not retiring or getting rest, that even in the grave they still worked as ancestors collecting kola nuts and schnapps..

“c’mon men”!

“you need see me as I just enter the grave hall covered all over in Nzu and they sang a welcome song for me with Michael Jackson’s beat and lines of.. “They don’t really care about us”!
I enjoyed the song with my selected pop steps esp when I remembered my parent’s acts, how they treated me!
it made me deeper into the mood too!
everyone too was covered in Nzu; it was on the day of their international conference; so they welcomed me and calmed down.. they told me how honored they were to have me attend while I blushed! they gave me meal and I partook! “wow! life couldn’t be more than this!
it was dance time! they had rounds of gunshots while dance went on! it was a blessed sight!

Thank God I’m finally here though all covered in Nzu and chalk dust, it was the land of the dead, a place of no return!! “yes!
“yes I knew I won’t see my parents and siblings anymore but it was better!
it were better where you are treated as someone than where you are no one,. what do you reckon?

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  1. hmmmmm..deep stuff there…thanks for sharing

  2. Gideon Omach (@Gideonomach)

    thanks boss.. just practicing what we’ve learnt from you guys sir!!

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