Voice Of Hope


He that has ear let him listen
To my dream of days to come
Let him listen, let him christen
Our ending to days so glum

In my dream, there was a regime
Of mum cries and bitter tears
Agony and pain so extreme
Dallying on for many years

Times and seasons came and flew by
Men and women without jobs
Puzzled children asking just why
Their troubled mothers sleep in sobs

Why their fathers toil in sorrow
And the wealthy gets fatter
Why they worry for the morrow
And a meal on their platter

Suddenly the fiery darkness
Passed away like a nightmare
And the sky which was once starless
Became graceful, bright and fair

A voice arose, a voice of hope
The voice of young men filled with faith
Hungry to fight, to toil and grope
For happy days without freight

And yes they arose with one voice
That shook the hills and goaded all
Both old and young to make a choice
As a nation not to fall

He that has ear let him listen
To this soothing voice of hope
Let him listen, let him christen
That day we voice as one globe.

2 thoughts on “Voice Of Hope” by praize (@praize)

  1. silhouette (@silhouette)

    Good message. Voice calling for unity amongst chaos and troubles.
    We the youths are the voice, the foundation and the roots.
    Hope is here.

  2. Yea @silhouette. WE ARE THE HOPE.

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