The Battlefield

The Battlefield

Nafisa cradled her husband’s head on the warmth of her naked breasts and stroked his beards while he looked into her face like a baby yearning for a conservative mother’s kiss. She said gently into his ears, ‘I have been telling you, wicked warrior, that this is not war but love. And yet you charge into me like an angry soldier.’

‘With what weapon, my love? A warrior should have a weapon to charge with.’

She reached in-between his legs and he moaned. She said, smiling, ‘Is there any weapon more dangerous than that?’

‘You have provoked it. It itches for battle.’

‘The battlefield is always ready; only the warrior needs preparation.’

He turned and pinned her to the bed while she kicked in mock protestation. Her turgid breasts, inflamed with passion, heaved up and down like irrigation pistons, furious with anticipation. Her mouth was open in unspoken desire. He came slowly, like a tactful and ambushing soldier; and when finally his monstrous weapon launched into her willing battlefield, the sheer suddenness of it, the plosive passion, made her jump. She clung on his neck. Her heaving breasts found stoppage on his hairy chest.

Their voices were lost in the din of incoherent moans. The orgy of battlefield overtook them. As he launched in and out, she adjusted her field accordingly, until she could no longer tell what tactics he was employing. She just awaited the battle’s end, to have her field watered with blood, the white blood of rejuvenation and life. They were exhausted when the battle ended.

They lay in silence for a long time before he spoke. ‘I have been to see your father.’


‘Can you hear me?’

‘Yes. But I don’t like hearing about my father.’

‘Well, it is not about him. But really, my love, I think that your father is a good man.’

‘All men are good to other men. The war is always against women.’

‘But you will own, Nafisa that it is rather a different kind of war between us. It is a battle where the man on the ground wins the one on top, as you just won me now.’ They laughed, like two little birds twittering at their mother’s absence. ‘As I was saying, your father is a good man; maybe it is just because you don’t understand him.’

‘My father is a bad man. You only think he is good because you don’t understand him. Or is it because he bribed you?’

‘By giving you to me? That is enough to buy any man’s voice. But there are more reasons to think better of your father than you do.’

‘Are you in love with me or my father? Shouldn’t you have married him instead?’

Yazidu threw his hands in the air. ‘Think of him as you wish. It is only a curious thing that one woman will love one man intensely and hate another equally intensely. But that is by the way.’ He held her closer to his chest, so that her dishevelled hairs brushed on his chin. ‘I will be away for a while.’

She raised her head in panic. ‘What?’

‘Don’t look so scared. I am not going to war. The war is only between you and I, in your battlefield.’

She was not distracted by his diversionary joke. ‘What for? Did my father send you?’

‘Yes, he sent me,’ he said the words like a child who had been caught several times lying and knew he was simply not good at it. ‘It is not for him but for all. I am going to find out new land for us.’

He noticed the look of worry on her face. ‘What is wrong?’

‘Nothing. But I am scared of the motive of your journey if my father is behind it.’

He rubbed her cheeks teasingly. ‘You women worry over nothing. Sometimes I wonder whether your love or your worry is more intense. My love, you have no reason to worry. Kurada will take care of you until I come back.’

‘And my battlefield? It will overgrow with grasses.’

‘I will whet my weapon.’

‘No, warrior. I prefer it blunt. It keeps the battle longer that way.’


16 thoughts on “The Battlefield” by Admin2 (@admin2)

  1. TheWhisperer (@Mayree)

    Nice play on words…intimacy.

  2. aplusn (@aplusn)

    Nicely done, the conversation, description… Nice job.
    Would there be another episode?

  3. As of now no. But who knows…

  4. namdi (@namdi)

    Battlefield . . . nice. Though the end–if it really ends there–is very ‘somehow’; not bad, it just gives the impression that there ought to be more.

  5. ojestar (@ojestar)

    I love the dialogues.

    Well done.

  6. anak adrian (@anakadrian)

    Not a fan of erotica. That this was well written is what made me go past the first few lines. Innuendo on point. This is definitely far better than some crap that’s been posted here in the past.

    Yeah, I think this story ends well enough there, as it is. Let it be a cliffhanger, unresolved conflict, or whatever. Blame it on my bias.

    I would really like to see how dynamic you can be with your writing, @penprince. You don’t lack for confidence, in the little you’ve posted so far, and it’s refreshing not to have to be constantly irritated during reading by repeated flimsy mistakes.

  7. Nice story. The passion and tension between the two. Great

  8. bolanle (@suliat)

    i really love the story line plot………. though i didn’t see the theme of the story but i like the language of battle used….. nice one

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