That Thing

When I was young, and of growing thoughts, I would sneak into my aunt’s room in the middle of the night and quietly tug a part of her local wrapper – the part where it wasn’t very tight. Only God knew the courage that accompanied such astonishing expertise, even when I didn’t rehearse earlier in my tot days. Whenever I tug quietly, the same thing always happen, the tight part – the part where she has folded the tips of her Ankara in a tight knot would gradually loosen too, and I think that ‘loosening’ gave her sleep pleasure, as she turns about in a dead drama and by herself, relieve herself of the cloth’s grip as she unveils fully the beauties that had dragged me there in the first place.
On some of these occasions, my perverted hands would run quickly towards her chesticles, but would pause and slow steadily as it nears the desired destination, until it bounces finally on her round ballons with great reluctance – a reluctance that I would never understand why it never grew strong enough to send me running towards my room. My imminent fear on such nights would always rise as my heart beats loudly, and that always had me wondering why that too would not awaken the dead goddess.
Every night, the only apparent difference was that I was more courageous, and days when she wore skirts to bed seemed no different, and doesn’t do much to truncate my initial plans.
On few occasion, I have heard and seen people whose toes had been eaten by rats while in their sleep, but I’ve never given it a thought as to how these creatures do this, I’ve never comprehended how they feel smart enough to devour the feets of the giant man who they run away from at the very sight during the day. I never thought about how these creatures knew what sleep meant to man and even the funny fact of how they got to know that sleeping men were just mere cadavers with hopes of waking sooner.
Not until I was in the university. It started in my dream; I was on one of those perverse tours to my aunt’s room and was about to pull off a tip of her usual blue with purple-pattern and red leaf designs Ankara rapper. I gave the tug and she turned in her sleep, it was going to be the best night as everyday else. She snorted in her sleep suddenly, a clear warning sign that alerted me that she would soon be awoken to life, I flew towards the door, but it was too late, she gripped my leg –my biggest toe and scratched it sweetly. It appeared that she was doing this out of sleep because scratching my toe should have been the last thing she’d have thought of in such situation.
‘Gracious’ She called softly. Her voice sending an unusual mixed feeling of fear and sexual pleasure down my spine. It seemed too impossible that she’d call me with such softness after catching me doing the ‘unthinkable’. I didn’t answer until her second call. It came when she knew I was waiting for it, in a softer, calmer and relaxed tone.
‘Yes Aunty Rachael’ I responded softly too, although with a slight feeling of guilt because I was still finding it funny that she was avenging by scratching my leg.
But she didn’t talk further. And I didn’t talk too, as she appeared satisfied just by scratching the tips of my legs – she was now on the tiniest toe on the right. I wondered if it gave her pleasure as it started feeling sweet to me too.
‘My phone!’ someone screamed, ‘my phone!’
I hated the disturbance but what could I do.
‘My phone has been stolen!’ the familiar voice screamed clearly. Everything vanished before my eyes suddenly, as if they never were in the first place. I realized I was in my room – my room in my school not my room in Lagos; DAU (Deji Akin University) Levuz Hall Block 3 Room 502 Bed 5, lower bunk. I groped the sides of my bed to check what the time was on my phone, but I found my torch instead and flicked it on quickly to the bright wall clock in our room – 5:10am.
I was starting to think the phone alert was a part of my dream, until it came again sharply. Within few minutes, my room mate – the one that had shouted about the phone entered into the room with three other heafty guys; these I recorgnized as the Security Personnel of the Students’ Union Government of our Block. I was still gathering myself when they punched the switch in my room and the room was illuminated in response. It was then that we realized that more things have been stolen than Guju’s phone.
My laptop was showing a movie before I slept off the previous night, but now neither the movie nor the system was anywhere to be found. My Nokia phone which had been at the tip of my bed beside my head so that I’d hear when it rings had equally left the room miraculously. These I noticed in one single glance.
I stood up from bed instantly, and when my legs touched the ground, I realized that it had never been my aunt taking the revenge of her life on my toes, it had been rats masticating my delicious flesh. I sat again and examined it, the rats had chewed mercilessly as I had given them every cooperation they needed.
Rats had eaten my legs at the most vulnerable time of the nights, robbers –just like the rats – have stolen our items in that dead night. I had visited my aunt several times in the dead of the night and the closest I got was a narrow escape, I never assumed she caught me. But the questions that prop up spontaneously in my head is that, What gives the criminal the confidence to carry out his negative intentions in the darkness of the night and what makes it commonly successful, even the rat, who should have been assumed to have very retarded brain than humans have such impossible courage at the night hour. The question remains golden; WHAT IS THAT THING THAT GIVES THIS DANGEROUS COURAGE? WHAT IS THAT THING?

5 thoughts on “That Thing” by Levuz (@Levuz)

  1. lolx….impressive story. Chuckled most of the way and I must say I enjoyed it except of course from the fact that a nephew was checking out an aunt in the dream…lolx na wa o!. No be small courage for dream.

    Well to answer the question, I think its because they always think they can get a way with it like being in the state of limbo where everything seems possible and there is this audacity(the case of d nephew). Once he or she is able to get away with something bad for the first, second and third time, they grow an unhealthy confidence.

    Thanks jawe for sharing…I loved it!

  2. screamingviola (@screamingviola)

    cool story, wasn’t expecting the rat thing at the end.

  3. namdi (@namdi)

    Evil and wickedness–‘evil’ animals too are more active at night–are associated with the dark, so it should be expected that once it’s night time all manner of evils get free rein. Darkness gives the courage.

    But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away. (Matthew 13:25)

    1. aplusn (@aplusn)

      @namdi I wonder about that verse, wouldn’t it have been easier and more productive to just destroy the crops?
      @levuz, cool story, end felt rushed though.

  4. There is a sense of victory that comes from doing something evil and getting away with it. It makes one feel in control of circumstances. The evil seduces the person to try again and raise his control ego a notch higher.

    On the other hand, some people are just addicted to bad habits that enslave them and make them appear helpless. Social or parental factors may be culprit.

    Nice story overall.

    (Your ending was a bit shaky, but it was enjoyable from start.)

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