Our Public Toilet

Our Public Toilet

When you live in a “compound” you’ll understand what “real struggle” is. No, No, No, real struggle is not walking in on your fiancee cheating on you with your best friend.

Real struggle is spending an hour and half at the public bathroom waiting your turn, fighting your way through some bullying neighbors to bath at your rightful turn then walking in on your fiancee cheating with your best friend. An hour and half later.

So next time, when one of those ajebutters or popular middle class ladies narrate to you, sobbing, “how she’s struggling to catch up with her bills only for her fiancee to be cheating on her”, slap her on the back and say, “Shut up. There are others who wait in line an hour and half, fight to take a bath then find out that all the while their fiancee and best friend are having an affair, all in a space of twenty minutes .”

Every story has a starting point; or a “trigger” as I always prefer to term it. For the Trojans, the starting point of their war against Greece must have been the abduction of Helen. For Romeo and Juliet, it must have been the party they met and feel in love. Forthe story of my cheating fiancee, the starting point was when I introduced him to my then “new bestie”, Abigail. It was the starting point but at the time, I did not know.

In honesty, Abigail and I had met a week from the day I introduced her to my fiancee, Soji. I was bestfriendless then and probably desperate to get a gossip mate/ bestie, that I got it in my head to make Abigail my friend.

Everything was going on perfectly. She was from a wealthy home and the only child of her parents. At least, I had someone to settle the bills when we ate out. Not to exclude a personal driver slash bestfriend. Did you just ask, ” whether my fiancee, Soji, didn’t take care of me well?” Please, Please, let’s not get into that. Ah Ah, don’t be falling my hand in public now.

You see eh, Soji is a front desk receptionist for Glo. He’s monthly salary is barely twenty thousand naira and by the time we settle the rent what’s left is divided into two; the first half is sent to his mother and siblings in the small village of Umulungwe while the other half is spent on his drinking.

I know deep down you’re “taking style” to insult me. It’s fine, go ahead, God is watching. It’s probably because you don’t know how passionate  Soji is about his dream of owning a world-class mechanic shop and how loving he can be when he’s not drunk. I love a man who dreams. That’s the reason I cling to him like I do. So that when he makes his money, I’ll have the right to say, ” I went through the toughest times with my Soji” of course I’d be in an expensive designer gown, probably from Dash or Christian Milan or a wonderful designer I haven’t heard of yet, giving a speech in Soji’s 15m naira mansion.

Abigail was really a caring friend if I recall well. She was always getting me gifts, calling to how I was faring and even checking up on me at home those days I travelled. Kabiru, my next door neighbor always informed me of “that your phine frien wey find you come when you travel.” Of course I saw nothing wrong in her visiting when I was absent.

Today is the fifth day of August. The time is 11:55am precisely. I’m supposed to be on my usual trip to Jalingo to get supplies for my store. But instead, I’m dripping bath water all over the cheap red rug that is already smelling. I am controlling myself for now. I have not screamed or rained curses as expected in this sort of situation. I am calm. Which is probably worst than the screaming and cursing because I cannot tell what my next actions would be and when. My head has started spinning. My hesrtbeat is racing. My mind is just not coordinated at the moment.

The two people in the same room with me both have their faces and entire beings ready for my angry outbursts. They seem confused now I haven’t made any moves. The male, the one I share this house and everything in it; (including the smelly red rug) calls my name with

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  1. A part of the story is missing. It seems you did not view your work after you posted it for review–maybe you did.

    I guess you meant fiancé–not fiancée–when you were referring to Soji.

  2. Good story, but incomplete. You should edit it… too many typos. But this is one of the most interesti stories I have read here thus far. kudos. Awaiting the completion.


    An email from a wife to her husband.

    I know you’re upset.You have every right to be. I know you feel like you’ve been manipulated,but just know that everything I did was because I love you and the children.

    Please don’t blame Christie, it wasn’t her fault, I talked her into it. I guess being my best friend has it own occupational hazards. I don’t know how much she told you, but her having sex with you, was solely my idea not hers.

    It took a lot of convincing on my part before she even agreed to this. So don’t blame her, she isn’t a monster.

     If you must blame someone, blame the person you’ve been married to for five years……. blame me.

    A normal marriage is hard enough.continue reading

  3. Would have been a nice story. Take more time to edit.

  4. I enjoyed this, it is humorous and engaging, but as said take more time to edit and the story didn’t end. I need more….

  5. I’m really sorry to have pierced your eyes with this incomplete and unedited version of “OUR PUBLIC TOILET”. I’ll review the complete story and resubmit soon. Thanks for the encouragement and corrections.

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