‘Push! push! push! ‘ the midwife shouted to Mary.
Lying on the delivery bed with her kneels upright, she screamed hard with her hands squeezing the soft mattress.
‘Come on Mary the baby is almost here, gather your strenght and push it out ‘.
Tears dropping from her face as she prepared to give her last try. With lips in her mouth, her eyeballs bulging out of their sockets and nails sucked deep into the mattress, she let out a long and horrific scream.
As soon as her cry died down, another low and soft cry broke out .
‘Finally you have done it young lady, the baby is out ‘ the midwife announced.
She brought up the little creature for her mother to see. Still in blood the baby cry on kicking its feet in the air. She stretched out her hands and carry him. Immediately he reached her hand, he stopped crying.
‘ Oh my baby boy, i love you so much’ she say smiling at him.
She handed over the baby to the midwife for cleaning up.

Moments latter the door to the room opened and Don Carlos came in excorted by his two rifle wielding goons.
‘Hum i suppose i shouldn’t be asking how far about the project Mrs Akpan, the project has spoken for its self’ he moved toward the baby laid in the cot beside his mother.
‘See what we have here, a bouncing baby boy. He sure would fetch a good price or what do you think Mrs Akpan?’
‘ Ofcourse sir’ she replied putting on a wry smile.
‘You have done well Mary, am proud of you’ he said giving her hair a gentle stroke before taking his leave.

‘I can’t let them take my baby away’ Mary said sitting upright.
‘You haven’t got any choice, he will kill you if you try anything funny’ Mrs Akpan warned.


A car zoomed into the building and pulledover. Two men came out of it walking toward Don Carlos and his goons who had came out to welcome them.
‘Welcome Mr Welling, It’s so good to see you’ Don Carlos greeted shaking hands with one of his visitors and ushering them inside.
‘I understand you have something for me’ Mr Welling asked as he took his seat.
‘Ofcourse i do. Male, fresh blood, a day old’ Don Carlos answered.
‘Can I take a look at your consigment’
‘No problem, let’s go’ Don said as he led his visitors to the baby’s room.

One of his goons turned the knob of the door to the room but it refused to open.
‘What the is happening? Get the door open now ‘ Don roared and two more goons joined in the door opening. After a few minutes they yanked it open and to their chagrin found it empty.
‘She escaped with the baby’ one of the goons shouted pointing toward the open window.
‘Get her now’ Don barked and the goons leapt out of the window.

Mary ran furiously into the jungle with the baby slumped over her shoulder as he cried continuosly . She tried to get him to stop crying but he wouldn’t. When she thought she had reached a safe distance, she stopped to breast feed her baby.
While doing this, suddenly she heard a gun shot with the bullet ripping off the tree she sat behind. The goons had trailed her to the jungle with the baby’s wailing. She surged forward running while the goons followed in persuit.

After being chased for a while, she saw a village up ahead where she could gain refuge. She increased her pace making for the village. Seeing they are about to lose her, the goons fired shots to put her down. Although she crashed down at the impact of the bullets, she summoned up her energy and continued running.

Entering the village, she ran into a group of men sitting under a tree playing games. The goons who couldn’t follow her into the village went back while she fell down before the players with blood gushing from her stomach. She gave them the baby.
‘His name is Morris, please take care of him’ she said before taking her last breath.

Written by Oluwafunminiyi Komolafe
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  1. ikechris (@ikechris)

    I like the story, just like one of this Mexican dramas. well done.

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    wow! who is Don Carlos? she’s indeed a strong woman, I’m sure dis isnt d end

  3. namdi (@namdi)

    Quite a number to edit:
    * persuit – pursuit
    * you typed ‘I’ as ‘i’ severally
    * the tense–past–was not consistent in some sentences
    * I’m just wondering, ‘how come she’s bleeding from her stomach when most likely the goons shot her from behind?’

  4. Lol..@namdi you got me laughing there…sharp eye.
    I will assume she got shot at he side of the stomach..
    Apart from a few errors, you wrote this well, komolafe.
    Keep writing

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