Like A Vulture

Like A Vulture

Like a vulture
With its big black cloak
And wrinkled bald head
It looks like an old crooked lawyer
Its head bowed low in phony humility

With its nostrils on the sides
Of its razor sharp beak
He sniffs the air
Searching for the relics of death
For where death rest, he gets to feast

If I will be an animal
I will be a vulture
My eggs, I will secure on the tallest tree
I shall be a pet to no man
My meat an eyesore to man
My presence ignored by predators
I live to die by the warm hands of nature
And when famine visits the jungle
I survive with a full stomach
To tell the story

2 thoughts on “Like A Vulture” by obiink (@obiink)

  1. @obiink. Hmmmm…Reading this piece literally all I can say is “I’ve always been repulsed by vultures but this piece makes me want to have a rethink”. But I know the poem goes deeper than the literal sense, nice one sha.

    1. obiink (@obiink)

      thanks man

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