In My Father’s House

“Brother” the husky yet gentle voice called the third time. It must be a male voice. “brother Philip” the voice called this time. I felt like screaming at the voice to just shut up and let me be. But the fact that the voice now called me by name made me keep my cool and I gently opened my left eye as the bright lights from the sky fell on it. It was a sunny day.

I could barely see his face, all I saw was a human form bent towards me. I noticed he was leaning towards me and was looking at my badge that has my name written on it, that must have been why he could call me by name this time. I opened my other eye and suddenly the human form is now wearing a suit and tie, it must have been black, oh no it’s brown. Yes a brown suit with a brown tie to match and he has a clean shave, by clean shave I mean not a single strand of hair can be found from the collar of his suit to his head. His head shone bright like Jesus at the transfiguration and as he bent towards me a space between the sky and his head was created thereby intensifying the glow as the sun rays fell on it.

“Ah ah! You wan blind my eyes, abeg carry this light commot for here” I shouted as I sat upright from the seat I was lying on. I didn’t know when those words escaped my lips. I now placed my hands on my mouth as he raised his eyebrows and jerked a bit backwards, he was taken aback. I was about to feel remorse and apologize for my words before heads began turning towards us. I must have captured the attention of people around with my shout. My intended remorse and apology turned in anger and more shouts. “Yes! What is it! Why can’t you guys allow someone have some rest!” I shouted. “Brother Philip please calm down” the voice was still gentle. But I didn’t care I retorted “Oh don’t tell me to calm down! Did you bring me here? I came by myself because I want to listen to the word of God, but I got tired and decided to take a little nap. I said a little nap! That was why you wanted to blind my eyes with this your ‘touch light’ head!”

Noise began to grow as some people around us began to murmur while others were trying to suppress their laughter. ” But Brother, if we had let you sleep then you would have missed out on some part of this spiritual program, we have your best interest at heart, that was why I deemed it fit to wake you up”. The gentleness in his voice has now jumped the fence and chilling on the other side but he was still trying to keep his cool. “I don’t care! Oh so I don’t have my best interest at heart? You must be Jesus that knows everything!” I shouted as I was getting more infuriated. The murmurs have now turned into loud shouts of “Take that young man out of here!”.

The general overseer speaking on the platform has been alerted about the commotion and he stopped speaking. I now have the entire audience to myself even though my voice couldn’t go round the entire open hall accommodating three thousand and something people.

“Who’s saying I should be taken out? You must be mad! I have every right to stay here until I feel the need to leave, no one can take me out, This is my father’s house!. I’m a son of God as you all are!.” I shouted again. Pointing at an old lady I shouted “Oh you’re the one, I know you wanted to sleep too. In fact your sleepy eyes motivated my sleep, I know you’re bored of listening to all this sermons because you have been praying to God for a husband but he hasn’t been answering you.” She wasn’t as gentle as the man on suit and tie, “You dey craze there! Thunder fire you and your entire generation! Useless boy!” she shouts as people began to refrain her from saying more.

By now the general overseer has arrived at the scene from the platform with his escorts and zoom! The pounced on me and lifted me off out of the hall as I began to scream. “Leave me alone! Leave me alone this is my father’s house” I kept on screaming.

The nurses now rush into my room. Two nurses and four able bodied men, one of the nurses was holding a sedative in a syringe. In a flash the able bodied men held my already vibrating body, two of the men held my two hands and head while the rest held my legs and as the nurse inserted the syringe into my veins and injected the sedative. My mind began to drift away, I can’t even remember how I got here in the first place. Last I could remember I was still in my father’s house.

8 thoughts on “In My Father’s House” by Chikaleaks (@chikathrill)

  1. lol…Brother Philip the dreamer.

    1. Lool @Mayree glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the comment.

  2. That head must be special. Lol.

    1. @aplusn It was sunny special lool. Thanks for the comment though.

  3. The church scene, was it just a product of a deluded mind, or was Philip actually in church? I assume the former–if its the latter, then I’m a bit confused; did he become delusional after the church experience?

  4. lwkmd……..i really loved this…nicely written

  5. @namdi Philip was actually in a church. He became delusional after the experience due to supposed exorcism.

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