I was Innocent

He tasted blood and the force from the stick uprooted two teeth which flew free from the captivity of his gum. The rush of blood from the tear in his tongue and injured gum threaten to drown him. It muted his screams. A second blow landed on his head and he fell into oblivion. Suddenly, the pains where no more but he could hear their angry cries. He heard wailings close to where he stood watching. He picked out his mother’s voice.

“Oh my son! My son…. he is just nine, he is just a child”

He wondered briefly what he is now because he could see himself lying limp and helpless on the dirty sand floor of Ojuelegba Market. Then he knew. He was now a misty being free from the encumbrances of the flesh and he was glad that he did what was right but he pitied them, especially the woman who thought he stole her bulb of onion when he actually helped to pick it from the floor.

“A good name is better than riches” his mother used to say and he would ask

“what’s the use of a good name if nobody knows it?”

Mother would answer,

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    …brief as it is i enjoyed it.

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