Gift Wrapped


John stood, watching Temi from across the room as he clutched his lunch bag. He thought to himself, “I’m gonna talk to her today”. He’d been watching, wanting, waiting, for a long time.

“Hi Temi!” He stopped by her lunch table. Her best friend in the office, Funmi, sat opposite her.

“Hey John, whats up?” Temi smiled.

“Nothing much. You, uh look beautiful today. I mean not that you don’t always look beautiful. What I mean is you look beautiful like all the other days,” he fumbled.

She smiled, patting him on the arm. “Aww, John thanks! that’s so sweet”

“Well, um, have a great day,” he mumbled, rushing off.

Funmi had a smirk on her face. “It’s so adorable how much he’s into you”

“Or he’s just a nice guy kind enough to compliment my good looks.” Temi batted her eyes playfully.

Funmi rolled her eyes “Yeah right. And I hate donuts.”

“You love donuts,” Temi responded dryly

“Exactly,” Funmi said. “But seriously babes, like I was saying before John interrupted, you need to get out more, start letting people in. And I’m not talking about Johnny boy there”. She pointed in the general direction of where John sat. ” There’s something iffy about that one.”

“Madam, will you leave the poor boy alone? He’s just eh…socially awkward”. It was disconcerting though, how he always seemed to be staring at her. She thought.

“And I did let someone in once, remember? He left. No goodbyes. No nothing. Just poof! Temi fell silent for a few seconds, then said in  a small voice,

“It would be nice to see him again, though. For closure, you know.” She stared down, forlornly, at the remnants of her lunch of jollof rice and chicken.

“Closure is overrated,” Funmi said simply but gently.

She remembered how much of a mess Temi had been when ‘Mr we-never-mention-his-name’ suddenly left the country. She had after all been there to help Temi pick up the pieces. She was still picking up the pieces. Bastard!

Temi smiled wistfully and shrugged. “Oh well, time to move on I guess”.

**               **               **               **               **               **                **               **

Stupid! John thought as he lowered himself onto his seat and discreetly listened to Temi and Funmi’s conversation. She probably thought he was a bumbling idiot now.

He loved Temi, had been obsessed with her since she joined the company. He watched her all the time in the office and most nights, he watched her through her apartment window. He liked to think he was watching over her, not stalking.

That guy really shouldn’t have hurt his Temi, he thought. John didn’t mind that he was gone. He just minded that he hurt his girl. His pretty girl. Which was why when he saw the idiot at the mall a week ago, he got the idea for a perfect gift to cheer her up.

He spied the office assistant heading in their direction with the gift-wrapped box he had secretly dropped on her desk addressed to Temi.

“Someone has a secret admirer!” he heard Funmi squeal excitedly, attracting the attention of their co-workers.

Temi chuckled. “Shhh! Madam, keep it down, you’re making noise jare.”

John felt his heart racing as she tore the gift wrapper. He couldn’t wait to see her reaction to his gift.

As Temi tore at the gift wrapper, she couldn’t understand the unease she felt or the premonition that something wasn’t right. She lifted the lid and froze when she saw the content of the box. A dreadful chill raced up her spine and she let out a horrified scream.

Her last thought before she blacked out was what Funmi said earlier.

Closure is overrated.

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12 thoughts on “Gift Wrapped” by Miz Asa (@Ashadela)

  1. Lovely! I like the bit “Mr-we-never-mention-his-name”. Keep writing!

    1. Thanks Maggie. Glad you like it!

  2. Nice. But–I guess it’s just me–I dont know what the box contains.

    1. @namdi. Hi! Thanks. The idea was for the ‘gift’ to be left open for interpretation by readers. The general concept though is that the gift is something that completely scares her but also alludes that it might have something to do with her ex.

      1. @namdi, the image created was the head of *Mr we never mention his name* in a gift wrapped box.
        John is a dangerous creature who will go to great lengths to please Temi.
        I usually don’t think too fondly of open ended stories but to be honest this wasn’t really open ended as the writer had given enough clues.
        Couldn’t imagine better, well done @ashadela

  3. I don’t understand that donut part: Does Funmi love donuts or not?

    Hmm… “closure is overrated”. I understand closure as either a conclusion/an ending or completeness. Is there something else I’m not getting as it is used in this context? I’m lost. And if I’d understood its usage here, I’d have probably had a hunch of what the content of the box was.

    I’ll guess it has something to do with “Mr-we-never-mention-his-name” (funny), maybe John found a way to kill him in order to impress Temi. After all, the statement “closure is overrated” is connected to him.

    Now a side thought, how should you the writer be addressed: as Miz Asa or Miss Deea?

    Oh! Did I forget to mention that it was an interesting read, though it begs a lot of questions.

    1. Hi! @ezeagwu. It’s Miz Asa here :). Thanks for reading.

      The comment about hating donut was more sarcastic. When Temi countered that Funmi actually loves donuts, she agreed by saying ‘exactly’. This was really an indirect comparison to saying John was into Temi and not just being a nice guy.

      I agree with ur understanding of closure. In this context, it alludes to Temi saying she hadn’t finally closed the page on her ex because he left with no explanation and would like to see him again for closure. The phrase’s use at the end could be taken to mean she did ‘see’ him in the ‘box’ but her need for closure wasn’t worth the consequence. Again, contents of d box are open for interpretation.

    2. Hi @Ashadela It’s pretty obvious Miz Asa is your name here; don’t mind me. They’re both nice names, anyway.

      I now get the closure part. I was probably hasty in reading the story. My bad.

      Great you gave all that explanation, painstaking though it might have been. Shows how passionate you are about your writing (and it’s reception).

      Looking forward to reading more works from you. Have a great weekend! And to all naijastories members too!

  4. I liked this, as nice as John seems to be, I have this feeling of him being weird and creepy. As for the gift in the box, I suppose that is “Mr-we-never-mention-his-name” body part? Eww! Closure indeed.

  5. Be careful what you wish for……

  6. It’s lovely every part of it

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