A demon’s story: Invitation to Ihiala

Two weeks have gone by and I’m still in hiding.

I haven’t heard anything from anyone in authority concerning my ordeal. I’m very much trying hard to blend in with the people of this community in eastern Nigeria. I don’t use any of my abilities,  obviously to hide my identity from clairvoyant folks around.

On an odd day here I began to reminisce an experience of my past time spent in eastern Nigeria.

The year 1903, was memorable for it was the year I claimed the greatest number of souls till date.

The people of Ihiala were having lots of difficulties. Barren lands, barren women and poor rainfall were amongst the least of their worries. Their children were all dying six days after their birth, it was as though a general hoax had been placed on the community.

And on a certain day I was unusually drawn to their community.

I was summoned to a gathering of an all black dressing; the leaders of the community had decided to summon a demon to do their bidding and help cleanse their land as their gods had abandoned them.

I told them that their gods were rejected demons who prey on weak minded communities such as theirs and didn’t have as much power as they make their subjects believe.

They murmured, and I laughed.

My demand was simple, I wanted the head of 5 men, 5 women and 5 youths every month at a shrine dedicated to my name.

15 souls monthly for the greater good of all the children yet to be born in the community, it was a fair bargain and it didn’t take them long to realise it though most of the heads offered were that of strangers and visitors to their community.

Long story short, I remained useful at Ihiala and claimed up to  350 souls up till they found the light brought by early missionaries of the supposed gospel, the man upstairs remembered them about two years later and I was renounced by the community.

I keep on loathing the man upstairs for continuously killing my buzz, I’m drawn back to reality with anger at how much he has always tried to ruin me.

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