I know it’s no news
how hard my life is.

But tell me you understand
how it hurts,
sitting here,
looking love in the eye,
feeling a hunger,
sharing the same air,
blinking back a tear,
using the same words,
wanting to say more…

Letting the shadow go,
Having no clue what to do.

Wanting to love,
not knowing how to. ”

le 7 novembre

5 thoughts on “Angst” by graceokogwu (@GraceOkogwu)

  1. silhouette (@silhouette)

    Nice one

  2. kay (@Kay0496)

    Straight outta the heart. Right?

  3. Gabe Uko Onwu (@Gabriel)

    Beautifully composed.I’m particularly touched by the image and imagery contained in her stanzas.In her yearning for and wanting to express this special emotion called ‘Love’ culminates in the introduction of ellipsis(in line 11 of the second stanza).Great work by Grace Okogwu.

  4. It’s a lovely piece.

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