A Sonnet To Wunmi

  1. This one is about your ravishing beauty

    And your jet black hair that gleams so pretty

    Your eyes are deep caverns where I’m lost

    An eden of bliss where attempt at
    concentration is dust

    I could call you a thief for what you stole

    The glow of the sunrise which you bore as your stole

    I’m undone at this Helen, this Cleopatra, this Mona-lisa

    and my very cells battle to be the eyes which gaze on this perfect vista


    None other could compare-they are girls you are a woman.

    They are candles but you are the sunrise

    And your smile revealed your origin as angelic, not human

    Ask of me please what you will as a price

    For when I looked into the angel eyes of wunmi

    Her very soul whispered to my being…woo me

2 thoughts on “A Sonnet To Wunmi” by Admin2 (@admin2)

  1. Beautiful…
    Verses 5 and 6 of course the last verse were my favorites.

    Well done

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