A Reflection On Africa

A Reflection On Africa


She stands out among others
Renowned for her treasures and wealth
Often misrepresented by descendants of colonial effigies
Her pride visible like a peacock to cow her detractors
Bringing history to limelight in the face of narcissism
That our forbears toiled and built their empire
We are neither fools  nor  perpetual puppets

strangers come in disguise with monotonous agenda
Aids to the developing Countries  to save souls in distress
Click here, click there images of unkempt Innocent children
The physically challenged with imaginary flies touring their nostrils
skirmishes of communal feuds and decrepitude structures
To validate their projects   before donors
We,mere victims of poor governance, greed and economic sabotage

Across the desert to the Sea of Mediterranean, night meets morning
Youths traverse the sea and defy death to tell horrific tales
Surrendering their fate and embracing the unknown
In foreign lands, survivors recount their perilous trips
Frustrated back home they opt to pay homage to the nameless
Tales of wars, unemployment, genocide, oppression and repression
Cheap recipes  for foreign media

 Degrading jobs in exchange for peanuts you savour
Disillusionment, slavery revisited and prejudice extended
Made homeless, tagged security threats and public pests
Accused,arrested and Jailed for want of no substantial evidence
Injustice knocks, you stammer and thirst for what you left behind
Better life an illusion of yesterday’s dream before your weary eyes
Yes, futility in a foreign land where grasses are always greener.

To the lost, the peons and exiles in hostile environment
Our fatherland beckons you home
Illustrious sons and daughters embrace your mettle
The drums  itch, flutes and horns all polished to echo
Jambo,Biennvenue,Uraba,Akwuaba,Welcome, Ekaabo
Come let us fix this tainted image and rebuild our very  own
Africa! our dear Home like no other.

Gabe O

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