A Public Space

Welcome World
I bring you, the first daughter of the earth
She’s a little bit drunk today
A little bit high everyday
She picked up some dust and lost her way
The sun did make her shine
But that was until you took it away

What do you think of her now?
She makes no sense
At least not to herself
Nonsense she makes no sense to no-one
She truly is an artist without a name

She walks, talks and dines like a queen
Wearing the least to make the list
She’s too far gone nowadays
She picked up some true wrong friends
Let’s blame it on her friends
But no offense
She’s now on the fence
Like crazy
But then again she doesn’t know it yet
Storm’s not over yet

Save her
Save her friends too
They’ve all gone confused
Rotten eggs
All stimulated by the fucked-up-ness of this world
You’re not the problem―world
The problem remains the problem
How to get away―that’s the problem
Answers they’ll never find

If she’d known the world would turn against her
She wouldn’t have turned against herself
Now she’s the only one in the closet
Fighting monsters
Battles that were never supposed to be hers

She lost you
But please find her by Friday night
Before she hits her spot again…

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