Yetunde: Volume 1

Yetunde: Volume 1

Do you believe in that little extra you don’t see? That thing that you fear because you just don’t understand it? You know, I laughed at my Grandmother when she wanted to name my daughter Yetunde, always singing like a canary at how she reminded her of her own mother. She assumed the spirit of her mother was reincarnated in my daughter. “What bullshit” I said to myself, I remember I what said that day “Mama, abeg! My pastor will not approve of these fetish names, we have a list of names that we have agreed to give her” I remember how a smile cracked from her wrinkled face as she looked at me and said “What an adult can see sitting down, a child cannot see from the highest of mountains” It usually annoyed that she thought of me as a baby, damn it! I was 36 years old!, what can she see that I possibly haven’t?

I am probably the only human being who remembers the first day of its birth, and the doctor that spanked me to life was billionaire prince Kayode Jokosimi.

I had just come out of a press conference following another bestselling book I wrote titled “Yetunde” inspired by the ramblings of my grandmother of course. He sat at the back, his glasses hanging on the bridge of his nose, he crossed his leg like an 18th century aristocrat, totally oozing the aura of an average stuck up wealthy man. I took notice of him because of the hard stare he gave as I was giving my thank you speech, as our eyes hit each other, he looked at me for another ten seconds stood up and stepped outside the venue. I was puzzled for a while but the excitement of my new book making headlines quickly overwhelmed my thoughts of this stranger.

As the event ended, all my friends and enemies wanted a piece of me, my palms hurting from all the unnecessary handshakes, my cheek bones felt sore from the fake smiles for the camera, my eyes from the camera flash, I couldn’t wait to go home and celebrate with the people that really appreciate and pushed me to succeed. Escaping the scenery, I walked briskly towards my car, suddenly, I sited a man dressed in a black suit, built like an armored truck, my sore palms started oozing sweat, my forehead moist, trepidation gripped my bones as my African mentality came over me “My enemies have finally caught up with me” I thought to myself. As the huge monstrosity came closer my hand froze on the door handle of my car, I couldn’t move, run or even speak at that moment I had no choice but to accept my fate. “This is for you, sir” he stretched out a black envelope with a smirk on his hardened face, the envelope had a gold crest around it, the crest had the logo of a farm craved in the middle. He then turned around and walked back to his car in the same scary fashion, taking huge goliath gallops. I held the envelope close to my chest as my heart beat as fast as he was walking away from me, it felt like he just handed me my life in this message. “Asshole!” I whispered to myself. I rushed into my car and hit on the central lock so hard like it had offended me, my heart beating like a bass drum, big balls of sweat swimming down my face like rainfall on a windscreen. I quickly removed my jacket and threw it on my backseat, breathing hard like the bellow of black smith.

As soon as I got to the gate of my home, the anxiety inside me pushed me to open the envelope and it read;


There is a story I would like you to tell, please call this number if you are interested.

080 000 12345



I scrambled through my pockets to reach my mobile phone dial the numbers…then I became born again.

Kayode Jokosimi grew up in the western region of the Niger, when prostrating had more value than gold. His father was a farmer and his mother often assisted, he was the only son of his parents. They walked 15miles every day to their farmland to cultivate and harvest. Which they would eventually sell.

Kayode’s Dad was popularly called “Baba Adun” because most of his fruits always tasted the sweetest according to the insights given by village consumers, he caused a frenzy anytime they went to the market to sell. Kayode loved farming very much, he woke up very early and waited for his mother to get up so they can go to the farm to cultivate.

Wole, his uncle, was the richest man in the whole village at the time, farms land stretched far and wide like the Persian Empire with a large workforce of slaves from all around the region. These farm lands produced crops in larger quantities compared to Baba Adun but in terms of quality Baba Adun always finished first in line.  Wole, like every typical capitalist still saw his brother as a major threat despite the gap in wealth and influence. He only did not want the farm but wanted to plant his seeds in Kayode’s mum too, he lustfully smacked his lips hardly every time she came to serve him water or palm wine whenever he visited them. Baba Adun often ignored the gestures towards his wife out of respect for his older brother.

This Unique day, his father sat on his chair helpless, his hands crossed across his chest as he watched his brother mentally rape his wife “Mama Kayode, don’t worry, I have already had some palm wine before coming, don’t stress yourself you need rest” as his eyes travelled all over her body like an explorer. Kayode sat at a distance observing and wondering the kind of weakling his father was, anger filled him anytime his uncle came to convince his dad to sell him that “Very fertile” piece of land “Baba Adun, I’ll do pay you anything for your land, I love the way your trees grow so green, so fresh your fruits so sweet, but none sweeter than your lovely wife” Wole often said with his greed laden eyes coupled with his lustful gestures at his mother “What a monster” he thought.

This day was different, Kayode noticed the renewed confidence in Wole “Now that you have no one else to inherit the land, you can as well sell to me” Wole said looking at Kayode’s father sternly. Baba Adun looked at Wole eye to eye “After all that happened to me today, all you care about is my land, brother?” Kayode, angry and bitter, thought about lifting up a stool and throwing it at the head of his uncle, how the hell will he watch him sit there and say he could not inherit the land? Coupled with the fact he totally ignored him as he walked into the house that evening, who did he think he was coming into his father’s house and walk past him like he didn’t mean anything, “Worthless piece of goat shit!” Kayode thought. Something inside him grew suspicious, he knew his uncle was up too something fishy this time around, he sensed desperation and evil in his voice and tone. He decided to tail his uncle back home that night to find out his plans.

Wole walked slowly to his house after hugging Kayode’s mum for longer than usual, as Kayode’s dad watched helplessly from his chair, his eyes gloom like he had been crying, his feet crossed on the front porch looking forlorn and lost in a mirage, Kayode looked at Baba Adun in disgust and muttered within himself “What a weakling, allowing another man hug his wife like that

Kayode followed his uncle with the stealth of a tiger to his destination, there he saw his uncles and some of his aunties…it was a rather colourful but secluded venue, lots of palm wine and bush meat to feed the whole village, “What were they celebrating?” Kayode thought within himself.

His uncle suddenly stood up and gestured that everyone be quiet “Ladies and gentlemen of the Jokosimi Dynasty, want to announce that we have some progress” his relatives clapped hysterically like they were watching local wrestlers at the village square “We have eliminated the only obstacle to our success, now he has no choice but to sell, Kayode was killed personally by my humble self this morning!” he announced with his left hand on his chest.

Kayode touched himself “Me Dead?” he whispered in shock, then he burst into laughter “These fools!” he thought still laughing. How did they think he was dead, his eyes lit up like he just saw a beautiful girl and he decided to rush back home and inform his parents of the evil plan of his family members. He raced back home like a crazed horse, as he got home and sited his mother and father at the front yard of his house crying bitterly, his mother’s head on the chest of his father, his father’s face looking into the sky searching for answers in the stars, then it hit him! “Am I truly dead?” He asked himself.  As he ran towards his parents, he fell and realized that his clothes didn’t get stained by the laterite of the earth, he got up and continued his race “Mama! Papa!! it’s me Kayode I’m alive, I’m not dead!” his voice echoed and echoed into oblivion as more tears burst out his mother’s eyes like a cracked water pot, he moved closer and tried to touch her, his hands passed through her body like wind through a cloth “I am truly dead” he whispered as he touched his face, fell on his knees and look blankly into at the floor of his home.

Kayode was given two choices; eternal rest or revenge, as we might all want to assume he chose the latter, he will figure out a way to wipe out the people that took his life.

He stayed by his mother’s side as she cried herself to sleep and woke up in tears. These tears seem to be the fuel to his super natural rage as he was never more determined to wipe out his murderers. He had finally accepted his death and this came with some extra powers, his “Metaphysicality” allowed him lift things just by concentrating hard enough and his will gave him the powers to push boundaries and control happenings in our mundane human realm. This made him a force, a super natural force.

As Kayode told this part of his story to me, the room became cold, but my body organs were boiling, I was sitting in front of a dead man, A Ghost, a phantom, in front my very eyes he lifted a with his mind and the aid of some Tele-kinetic power a gold pen from his table and said “ I want to you have this pen its 120 years old, given to me when the British invaded our lands” as the pen floated slowly towards me, I cleaned my eyes twice to make sure I wasn’t dreaming “be calm” he said with a broad smile “Yes we exist, people like me, as I was saying…

Kayode waited at the usual Venue of his murderous relatives, as they strolled in one by one, the air was filled with the stench of their dark souls. He saw the evil spirits that hovered around them, draining slowly their humanity, he knew he had to put an end to this legion of darkness. Wole, the ring leader got up and announced with his chest puffed out and two women by his side gawking at him like a demi-god “Brothers and sisters, he has agreed to sell the land oh! Let’s celebrate!” the room erupted into a frenzy of dancing and madness. Kayode’s soul boiled with supernatural rage, this rage fuelled the fire on the torch in the room to burn harder and wider, his relatives noticed the fire as they scrambled like chickens being attacked by wolves.

He blocked the door with stones and sticks, creating no escape from their inevitable death. Kayode watched his family members’ burn and wither into nothingness and he enjoyed every second of their wailing misery. The evil spirit that hovered around them took their souls straight down a black hole in the ground as they were not given a second chance like he was. He walked towards his uncle Wole, as his bones crawled up in the corner. He died holding a calabash of palm wine, his shredded skin hanging on his bones as they cooked away like roasted livestock.

Kayode left the venue where he had burnt his family members alive, he was summoned by the head spirits and was given another chance; reincarnation or eternal rest, he thought to himself “I have eradicated all my problems I can go back and make his parents happy once again” he missed his mother so much, the smell of her cooking immediately filled his nose as he greatly anticipated his return home to the warm embrace of his mother, to his farm and sweet fruits, to being the son of his father once again.

Once he made his choice, he immediately appeared walking down the road leading to his home, his legs could feel the earth, the stones stabbed the sole of his feet, the pain felt like joy, the cool night wind pierced his body, he could feel life once again. The road was dark and empty, as he became more aware of his surroundings he felt a hand across his shoulder it was warm and welcoming he immediately recognized the warm touch of his father and his voice telling him “Don’t worry Kayode, we will back home before its too dark” he looked up to see the face of his father’s voice… instead it was his uncle, Wole.



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    was that a dream? trance or something?

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    Reincarnated as Wole’s son? Wow…didn’t see that coming. Nice work, but the story felt rushed.

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    wow! this got me…I guess, she’ll have to believe in reincarnation now.

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    @banjidanny, very well done. Please find a way to separate the sections (when the story was being narrated and the scene with the old pen, for example)
    The end was very good too, I assume this would not be an eternal cycle where every time he chose life he had to do it all again?

  7. Maggie Smart (@MaggieSmart)

    Waiting expectantly to see how this ends….Interesting piece.

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