Walking a lonely road

Every night when I close my eyes, it’s the same as the nights before,

I find myself on a journey, a journey to find what I have lost but never had,

A journey to a place I do not know and have never seen,

A place spoken of only by the whispering of the gods,

I have no idea where this journey ends neither do I know why I am embarking on it.

The days go by quicker than ice melting under the Ota heat,

In every dream, I attempt to navigate this place in different ways,

My mind, once famous for its strategy, has been flawed,

Where am I going? What is this place I am journeying to?

The most complicated questions often require a simple answer,

That’s all I am asking for, but who will give me the answer i seek,

I am as clueless as a little child, still suckling on his mother’s breasts.

I didn’t choose this journey; it was bestowed on me by the gods,

They speak to me at night, through dreams within dreams,

But as in the times of old, the gods only speak in parables and unclear words of wisdom,

Last night, they whispered to me in a dream of dreams,

They said to me “There is a place all men must find, but few venture into”

“A place of absolute peace but full of many dangers”

“The farther you journey the farther it gets, the closer you look the closer it becomes”,

Those words only as clear as sign language to the blind,

They put me in this barren land, with nothing but torchlight and a mirror.

I have journeyed a long time, a long long time,

But my feet remain strong while my mind has grown weak,

Time has been both an ally and enemy; it comforts and confronts me,

I have had suicidal thoughts and why not?

But I sought another remedy; I decide to ask the gods,

They agree to tell me, they lean in, their mouths open,

Just then I wake up, still naïve and ignorant as the night before.

2 thoughts on “Walking a lonely road” by chuksukegbu (@Chuksukegbu)

  1. @chuksukegbu. Deeply haunting. I read this as a poem ( although I’m not sure if its categorised under poetry) whatever it is though I like it.

    1. Thank you very much, i will categorize my works better next time..

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