The Most Preferred Death

The Most- Preferred Death
She ran with all her might. She fell. The pain of the
fall should have kept her sprawling on the floor but
she was bent on getting out of the bush. Her heart
raced. Tolulope tumbled again. The grass slashed
her. Her hands flew into the air to grab any
available thing but it was futile effort. She rose
again and sped off towards her house.
Her hopes were high as she ran towards the
house. When she get into the house, then she was
safe. She would not shout until she was safe.
‘Mama…’ She screamed and banged the door.’
Help ooo’.
The door was still closed. Tolu stretched her hand
to open it with every strength she has in her but it
was a failed attempt. Her father, a hefty man, heard
her shout and opened the door before she did. She
fell flat. Her chin hit the floor, but she did not wait
to brood over the pain. She rose and rushed into
the house. Her father locked the door.
Her fat and fearful mother rushed out, followed by
her slender sister. Both of them looked like still-life
drawing of people who see a war coming.
‘What happened?’ Her father said after securing the
door. His body poised to fight off anything that
might be coming.
Then, it dawned on her that she had been stupid to
run home. She stared at the stern look of her
father and swallowed.
‘Can’t you talk?’ Her mother said, pitching her
‘Woman, shut up! Don’t you see she is too tensed
to talk?’
Tolu wondered if she should talk as she suddenly
became breathless. The room suddenly became
smaller and hot. She ran from death to the hands
of death himself. Her father grew impatient and
shifted weigh on his feet.
She knelt and clasped her hands together. The
bare floor of their little uncompleted house made
pain surge through her body, but she knew she
just had to stay there to make a death an easy
‘Baami, I’m sorry….’ She cried and crawled to him.
She held his cloth and dug her head into his
‘Are you alright? Do you want to make me naked?’
Her father said. And pushed her away from him.
‘What’s wrong with you?’ Her mother said, still
standing in the corner.
‘And I didn’t want to do ooo… John said nothing
will happen’.
‘Can’t you talk straight? Her father said, his voice
rising above normal. He shifted back after
releasing himself from her clutch.
She shifted on the ground. The skin on her knee
began to tear as she crawled to the back of her
‘I’m Pregnant’.
Her mother jumped forward, and turned to face her.
Her father suddenly began to look as if he was
‘Tolu has killed me ooo’.
‘Was that what was running after you?’ Her father
asked after a few seconds of dangerous silence.
She shook her head.
‘Then what?’ Her mother said, and shifted to a
position where she can see the door, Tolu’s father,
and Tolu herself.
Tolu’s eyes darted from one part of the room to
the other as she tried to scan the room for any
means of escape whenever he moved to strike her.
‘I…. I wanted to… I couldn’t face daddy to tell him,
I’m pregnant… So, I decided to kill myself…’ Tolu
paused and looked at their faces.
Her father was getting impatient. ‘Eh… ehn… What
happened? Who’s running after you?’
She nodded and held her breathe, pouring
everything thing out in a single breathe.’ As I
wanted to kill myself a snake crawled out and was
going to attack me, so I…’.
Just as she finished the last sentence, a hard,
fleshy object struck her face. She screamed as the
force sent her falling.
‘You should have allowed it to kill you. Idiot.’ Her
father said and stormed out of the room.

4 thoughts on “The Most Preferred Death” by Akintayo Akinjide (@Divepen)

  1. Ezeama Chijioke Desmond (@Chijy)

    She’s really funny and weird. Well done.

  2. Aderonke Daramola (@Shovey)

    hahahahaha! she shulda waited jst as her father said.

  3. I wish she didn’t have to face the circumstances alone….where’s the father of her child?

  4. aplusn (@aplusn)

    A snake all along?? she was running like a maniac, I thought she saw the headless horseman lol. funny stuff, lol.

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