Our Fight For Just

Our Fight For Just

Judge not the one who lost,
We today have lost the race,
Creating corrupt space and
losing our face.
Time they said will heal our
Can a wounded lion be treated?
Unless tamed,it can’t be feeded.
We smell of rotten meat,
Our lies,deceit have aided war,
Unless we desist,our wound
will become sore.
Fate will never take their sides,
Thieves who wrap our treasure
under their attire,
Purposely to favour their
We will not let them be,
We got something to loose
And they got something to lose
Our pens and mouth will not
Until your hears open wide,
And hear the murmurs from
our side.
Knot your ties and don’t loosen
your turban,
Our spirit will soar with hand
on deck,
We won’t stop until their
pocket is wrecked.
Are the speakers(mic.) and the
speaker ready?
For us today is good to say,
The limited number of their
working days.
We are happy to announce our
fight for just,
Ended sucessfully without the
shed of blood,
And to pronounce our word in
a peaceful world.

3 thoughts on “Our Fight For Just” by Adegoke Adeola (@Coolcrown)

  1. Little errors here and there without which, it’s just perfect…

    Instead of ‘feeded’ (of course, there’s nothing like that in English language) use ‘fed’ to denote past tense…I noticed you were toying with rhyming, notwithstanding.

    Again, ‘we have or have gotten something to use’ would have been more appropriate than, ‘we got something to loose’. (Much as ‘got’ is a correct English, it’s not fitting for usage in that context…and sounds more like a street word.

    Well done and keep writing

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