Her eye lashes longer
Than that of an Arabian camel
Her nails, longer than the talons of a vulture
Her finger nails glow with colours
Like the feathers of a peacock
She has a pair of breast standing upright
Like the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro
Her lips are as red as blood

Here is a black girl with a long blond hair
Falling down to touch the edge of her buttock
Her skin glows light like that of a mulatto
But her parents are as black as coal
And I am bemuse at the sight of her
What caused this mutation.

4 thoughts on “Mutation” by obiink (@obiink)

    1. obiink (@obiink)

      thanks bro

  1. mendel martha (@ihenyengladysusile)

    Hilarious! Even before I read this piece just seeing the title made me very curious!…

    1. obiink (@obiink)

      thanks dear… happy you enjoyed it

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