Letter to My Father

Letter to My Father

I was playing with my friends
At the pub behind our street
When they came with the news;
They came to tell me
That they saw you kick a bucket.

That you cracked suddenly
And fall onto the west.

Yonder, your only daughter,
My sister was tending to
Your newborn grand daughter
Who was soft just like your only daughter.

To start with, please accept
My apologies for not writing too often
I have been wondering
What really to do:

To write you letters;
To pour you libations to invoke
Your spirit every now and then
Like most African do;
Or to just allow you rest in peace.

It has been tough one for me,
But how time jets through
The universe in slow-motion.

I now play with my sons,
Your grandsons at home.
That Precious little granddaughter of yours
Now has younger siblings.
Your children are having children.
You have been very fruitful
Even in your sleep.

From atop this bridge
Water has been flowing.
So much water
And change has remained constant
And rain water
Which we used to drink
Now has colour.
We now drink bottled water.

The passing of the years
Has been so eventful.
Sometimes one is dazzled
By the turn of events:

Do you know
We now use android phones?
Telephones are now of the past?

I know you know what computers are
But you need to see
How portable they now are.

Nowadays, televisions are hung on walls
Like calendars; they are so flat
And are used with decoders not those
Gigantic antennas that look palm fronds.

Daddy, just imagine this,
We no longer buy things
From the market shops
We buy them online
From our phones and computers.
We read newspapers
And listen to radio on our phones.

When we get to the bank now,
We don’t have to go in.
We can do your transaction outside
At an automated-teller-machine called ATM.

Do you know water cane is now forbidden
To be used on children in schools?
It has gone out of fashion in education.

A man from Bayelsa eventually
Became president of Nigeria.
But he was voted out of office
When he attempted to run
For a second term in office.

I don’t want to mention
The state of the nation
Because I can’t afford to
Infuriate you in your sleep.

I will try to write you
A little more often.
I will just leave the letters
By your deathbed
That when its time,
And you arise, you can read them.

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  1. @idiong_divine. I like this. I guess some of our dead are really missing out on some of the good things we have now just like some will be turning in there graves.

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