How To Love

You have a lot of crooks trying to steal
Your heart away from me
You didn’t know how to put it together
Cos you’ve not yet figured out
How to love

We had a lot of moments together
When you were so young
And your thoughts were so precious
I invited you to learn at my feet
How to love

Now you are sitting here at this corner
Looking through all your life
Trying to see how you’ve lost your way
And never quite figuring out
How to love

It is never too late to come back
Into my bosom
I am ever ready to take you back
And to teach you at last
How to love

17 thoughts on “How To Love” by Maggie Smart (@MaggieSmart)

  1. Nice poem! I would have loved it though if you had added just one more mono syllabic word to the penultimate line or even the last line…(Blame me not, I’m a ‘rigid’ fan of poetry metre)…To give something like:
    ‘And to teach you at last
    Just how to love’ …but that would have disrupted the ‘envelope’ verse too…You wrote this well….So, well done, poet.

  2. touching, felt true. Nice

    1. thanks. I’m glad it touched you. it was meant to be touching

  3. Don’t blame her, she’s just naive. Hope she listens to ur teachings.

  4. @praize
    thanks for the comment. that line you wrote has a nice ring to it but as you said, it would have disturbed the envelope verse. point duly noted though and will be applied in other poems.

  5. @shovey
    thanks for the comment but I’m not sure if it’s meant to be a correction, encouragement or….?

  6. How to love….
    simple and clear!

  7. I am quite satisfied with the meter. Good one.

    1. Thanks for the comment and thanks for stopping by.

  8. I think shovey was talking about the character in the poem. Well done @maggiesmart.

    1. Oh thank you @simisolaade… I see your perspective. Thanks for pointing that out.

      1. I jst love it because it is simple, clear nd touching
        maybe i’ll come learn hw to love from you

        1. Thanks @promzy
          I’m still learning too.

  9. Most of the lines of this poem is from a song titled How to Love by Lil wayne…
    I don’t know how you can write a piece like this and call it your own without even mentioning the song. Very very bad… and it’s crazy how no one else caught it.

    1. although the song inspired the poem, i disagree with your comment that most of the lines of the poem are from the song. please refrain from causing unnecessary strife. thanks for your comment though

      1. It’s not called unnecessary strife. I didn’t know what inspired your poem so you have to tell it in order not to confuse people like myself. Taking anothers work and adding a few more lines is not the way it should be done. I’ve made those mistakes,learn from it.

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