For A Moment

For A Moment

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the ups and downs
We went through together
I held on long enough to see
All the good outweigh the bad

For a moment I thought I lost everything
For a moment I forgot about memories
Then I woke up and realized how much you mean to me
For a moment, I thought I lost you and me

You are connected to everything
And everyone that matters to me
You are the centre of all my joy
Without you how would I be?

I thought I lost my best friend
My perfection in everything I do
But it was just a dream
Now I’m glad it’s still you and I

8 thoughts on “For A Moment” by Maggie Smart (@MaggieSmart)

  1. @Maggiesmart…beautifully pieced together…simply captivating…for me this a very good poem from the heart.

    1. Maggie Smart (@MaggieSmart)

      thank you so much. that’s a great encouragement coming from a seasoned “naijastorian” like you. lol….that was on a lighter mood though

  2. Rhoiy (@Roy-journals)

    Beautifully written… I could definitely relate.

  3. Maggie Smart (@MaggieSmart)

    Thank you. It came from the heart.

  4. Ajenifuja Adetokunbo (@Ajenifuja-Adetokunbo)

    She is a romantic poet!
    Free verse.
    I would like to read a rhyme-saturated poem from you.
    Well done, Miss @MaggieSmart

    1. Maggie Smart (@MaggieSmart)

      Thank you so much. About the rhyme saturation- I’ll work on it.

  5. @maggiesmart. Sweet and romantic, brought a smile to my heart. Nice one.

    1. Maggie Smart (@MaggieSmart)

      Awww. Thanks a lot. I’m glad it touched your heart.

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