Days Before 2

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“Your place is nice, simple yet there’s a high end exquisite touch to it,” she smiled as she looked over every little detail from the ancestral Songfiye mask to the wooden carved sofa.

“Bamboo?” she further inquired touching the sofa’s resting arm, her hands slowly feeling the texture.

“You want a drink?”
“Moscato?” I asked her while I had the mood set with soothing music: Ocean’s Novocane.
She did not respond, only move closer to where I stood, her eyes intimately locked on me.
“I want you,” she softly whispered.
“You sure about that? Cos you just might lose yourself.”
She smiled, grabbed my hands and thrust her body into mine. Her skin was smooth, so I reached further: soft ass. Perfect!
“Dance for me,” I told her
“Dim the lights,” she said, her voice seeming to plead. So I snapped my fingers twice and the room dappled low ambience.
Like an angel lost to the night, she freed her body, her muscle loosened and her steps cautious and gracious. Was it the music or the moment? Her hips prominent: bended and curved. All along the office life had hid her divine qualities.
Driven by her seduction, I caught up with the moment, placed my hands on her hips and heaven never felt so close.
“What are you staring at?”
“Come,” I said.
I grabbed her hands and lead her to my mini-bar filled with expensive liquor and cheap wine, her eyes pointed to the Red Moscato. She, sure had a good taste for the high thrills. I poured a glass and she drank up as I did the same


A man knows no other way than to build and plant seed: into the soil or deep into a woman’s garden. We scavenge the earth day in and out searching for another way to continue this process. Sometimes the blue skies shine luck down onto us while our hands are raised receiving the goodness from the sun. I am a man looking for his own luck: my shield, to use to propel me further without fear into the deepest of man-made tunnels. So far I have succeeded in retaining my soul while living in Babylon’s grip, her gigantic claws hold me back whenever I try leaving her.
“Dia, are you listening?”
Shit, I forgot I was at work again.
“Sorry didn’t catch enough sleep last night”
“Oh, I was just saying…..”
I remember when I was seven years old living in a broken home, my always intoxicated father never around, my mum always working, then the world was simple and clear in my eyes. All I had to do was escape within, lose myself to a game of football. I remember the screams I would get from my team mates whenever I scored. I think life was…..
“Shit Dia….what the fuck, wake the fuck up…”
Damn I forgot again.
“I really need coffee”
“Seriously you do,” Stanley said angrily. “Anyways don’t forget about the dinner at my place tonight, you hear ba!”
“Yeah I won’t.”

I had already forgotten.

Stanley always had this dinner parties for the coworkers every year, his way of showing off his notoriously cash-well-spent mansion. He and his wife Funmi somehow found happiness in making other people feel like complete shit. Nobody dared to refuse Stanley’s invitation, he was after all the son to the founder of the company we all worked for. I sometimes despised his always I’m rich so I’ll shove it in your face attitude, but I was not planning on getting fired for my indulged thoughts so I smiled whenever we crossed paths.
Stanley sensed I was not in the mood for any more of his talks, so he stood up from my desk and made an attempt to leave. But not before.
“By the way don’t you think it’s strange that Janet didn’t come in today” he said with a gossipers smirk.
“She did not?” I asked surprisingly.
“Where I have you been…she’s had a no call no show…”
“That’s weird,”
“Did you see her before you left work yesterday?”
                                     Did I see her? Yeah I did. I took her home 

“Yeah I took her home, cos her car broke down.”
“Really that’s weird I could’ve sworn I saw her parking space empty earlier this morning. ”
“Yeah that’s strange.”
“Anyways see you later. Make sure I see at the mansion tonight. You know Funmi’s sister has a thing for you.” Stanley said laughing. “All she talks about is you ooo. Good thing you’re a fine boy oo if not I for wonda maybe you bin jazz her.”
“Haba…na my fault I fine like this.” I said smiling sheepishly while Stanley walked away grinning from ear to ear.
Yes, I remember Funmi’s sister: Ronke. Pure in every manner speaking, though her body was far from innocent, she was shaped devilishly: an alluring figure.
We had only made love once and ever since then she never failed to not disturb me. Always texting and calling me. Even though I had made it plain and clear to her we were not a thing still she refused to stop.
Just thinking about her made me dread Stanley’s dinner party. Jesus! Women!
“Mrs. Funmi you are truly a wonderful cook, no wonder Stanley always smiles every time I see him at work”
“Thank you Dia, I try” she said modestly, her eyes soaking in every bit of the praise.
“Dia, I keep telling you, you need a wife…eh! Abi you don’t want enjoy life,” Stanley said, his voice loud; loud enough so Ronke who was nearby could hear him. She heard and like a remote controlled robot came monotonously running.
“I mean just look at Ronke, a young and respectful woman,” he continued.
I caught the way Stanley’s eyes dissected every part of Ronke’s body, like a wolf staring at a fresh and succulent lamb. Poor Mrs. Funmi, if only she was not deeply superficial and materialistic she would have caught signs of how unfaithful Stanley was. Or maybe she knew and did not care, as long as Stanley brought the bread home she was happily content, divulging more into the bliss of money.

I knew of Stanley’s notorious ways with younger women, he was very vicious when it came to chasing after these beautiful money-hungry women. He did anything to get them: buy them the latest brand of luxurious cars, spend unnecessary amount of hours in five star hotels, and sometimes he travelled outside the country with these pussy peddlers on his father’s company expense. At this point, he was beyond soul saving effort especially one coming from me. Although putting his dogified ways aside, I did not blame him. The world no longer knew what love meant. People no longer dreamed we just pursued things that did not last, holding onto temporary satisfaction that held no life-form qualities.

We no longer appreciated things of value. We saw but not through our eyes. We were blind with darkness failing to see that the prophesied rapture had already begun. All the goodness this world ever had was constantly being thrown down into the well of eternity. We, just enjoying and indulging in perversion and immorality. We were lost. I was lost. Almost. I still had time to save myself that was why I did not bother telling Stanley of his ways. I needed to save myself first before preaching my gospel truth to anyone.
“Dia…..won’t you answer the young woman’s question,” Stanley asked bluntly with a hint of jealousy.
“It’s ok Uncle…if he doesn’t want to go” Ronke said, her voice innocently crisp.
“I will go with you Ronke,” I said not knowing what she had asked, better that than looking like a complete jerk in front of everyone.
Ronke’s eyes opened wide, focused, she grabbed my arms and led me out through the back door towards the verandah.
“Enjoy ooo,” I heard Stanley echo.


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